What Makes the Bralette Such a Popular Fashion Choice?

What Makes the Bralette Such a Popular Fashion Choice?

We all know that fashion trends come and go. From the intimidating low rise jeans of the 00s to the platform shoes we all begged our parents for in the 90s, there are plenty of fashion trends that we’re glad to see the back of! But, from time to time, there are some fashion pieces that gain such momentum in popularity that they seemingly come out of nowhere and from then on, are here to stay. I’m talking of course, about the bralette.

Rising in popularity due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the bralette became the undergarment of choice for women who were stuck at home, trying to make the best out of a bad situation but who didn’t see the point in wearing an uncomfortable underwired bra when the only people we’d see were those we lived with and the occasional work call.

Fast forward to 2023 and the bralette has evolved from being a simple underwear piece to being a wardrobe necessity. What was once something we wore instead of a bra, quickly developed into gym attire, the perfect top to wear to the beach, out on a date, and even cute bralette tops that became perfect for the everyday. But what is it that makes the bralette such a popular fashion choice? Let’s take a closer look at this amazing piece of clothing.

They’re Comfort Personified

The great thing about bralettes? You’ll barely remember you put one on. As they’re so comfortable and move with your body, you can enjoy some support for your breasts but without the heavy underwire, the thick straps or prickling clasps and just get on with your day. They’re so comfortable, that many women opt to sleep in them - ideal for those who prefer to wear something light whilst they’re trying to relax.

There Are So Many Designs

While traditional bras are, well, traditional - you can expect the same shapes with different kinds of support or looks, such as lingerie, lace, padded, t-shirt etc. - but the design still remains the same: uncomfortable. With a bralette, you get so many different designs, you can experiment with different styles to see which ones you like best. From cross back and halterneck styles to bandeau, scoop neck, triangle shapes and more. So whether you’re wearing a backless dress, want to show a little bit of lace underneath an oversized shirt or you want something sporty for the gym, the bralette has got you covered.

You Can Style Them Any Way You Want

Along with so many different bralette styles, another aspect that makes the bralette so popular, is the dozens of ways that they can be styled. Whether you’re hitting the gym, taking the kids to the park, you’re planning a date night, or an evening with the girls, having a bralette in your wardrobe means endless options and plenty of compliments.

From styling a halterneck bralette with a pair of high-waisted wide-leg trousers, to hitting the gym with a padded bralette and a pair of shorts. Or a cute bralette top with a midi skirt for the perfect date night pairing - the possibilities are endless and you can guarantee that you’ll be turning heads for all the right reasons.

Final Thoughts…

From a lockdown idea to an everyday essential it’s clear that the bralette fashion trend is here to stay! Do you own any bralettes? What's your favorite way to style them?