What to Expect in a Typical Colombian Breakfast Spread

What to Expect in a Typical Colombian Breakfast Spread

Colombia is a country renowned for its diverse and flavorful cuisine. This is especially true when it comes to the typical Colombian breakfast spread, which is both hearty and varied. From sweet baked goods to savory egg dishes, the Colombian breakfast table has something to satisfy everyone. You can get a delicious Colombian breakfast from Mecatos by contacting (407) 704-8222 on your mobile. Let's explore some highlights of this vibrant morning meal tradition.

A Spread of Fresh Baked Goods

No Colombian breakfast is complete without an array of freshly baked goods, known as panadería. Bakeries across the country wake up early to fill cases with favorites like pan de bono and pan de yuca. These cheesy bread rolls made from yucca flour are lightly sweet and the perfect accompaniment to coffee. Also popular are almojábanas, mini cheese-flavored corn cakes with a tender texture.

For those with a sweet tooth, baked treats like buñuelos, which are cheese-filled fritters coated in sugar, are a delightful way to start the day. Obleas, thin sweet wafers sandwiching arequipe caramel or guava paste, offer a crispy, melty treat. And no bakery would be caught without trozos, bite-sized slices of spongy cake baked to golden perfection.

Savory Egg Dishes

In Colombia, eggs are a true staple. They're enjoyed in many forms but especially as part of the hearty egg dishes known as a hogan, referred to as revolt. These all consist of eggs scrambled together with onions, tomatoes, and sometimes potatoes or chorizo sausage. Other classics are tortilla española, a thick omelet loaded with potatoes and onions, and tortilla de huevo, a simple fried egg.

No matter the preparation, eggs are central to the Colombian breakfast. Their protein provides lasting energy to take on the day. The salsa, aji, or hogao sauce served alongside adds a boost of flavor. Fried eggs may also be topped with salty, crumbly queso costeño cheese for even more richness.

Plantains, Arepas and Empanadas

Plantains are another Colombian breakfast staple, typically pan-fried into patacones. After smashing the ripe plantain flat, it develops a crisp exterior and tender interior perfect for topping with hogao, cheese, eggs, or all three. Green plantains can also be sliced, battered, and fried into mariquitas chips.

Corn flour features in arepas, thick corn cakes that can be enjoyed plain, split, and filled, or fried into crispy arepa frita. Small stuffed corn empanadas also make frequent appearances, with fillings like cheese, potatoes, ground beef, or chicken.

Protein Options

For heartier breakfast fare, protein options like chorizo sausage, beef, or shredded chicken provide staying power. Chorizo is often used to flavor egg dishes but is also enjoyed on its own. Carne molida, seasoned ground beef, can be served as a side or stuffed into arepas.

In coastal regions, fish and shrimp ceviche are breakfast staples, providing protein, citrus tang, and cool refreshments to start the day. Inland regions may feature grilled meats like steak, chicken, or pork with rice, beans, and fried eggs.

Juices, Coffee and Chocolate

No Colombian breakfast is complete without fresh juices to provide a boost of vitamins and antioxidants. Popular choices are lulo, maracuyá, mora and guanábana juices made from local fruits. Some juices feature milk for a creamier treat, like Avena, a sweet oatmeal blend.

Colombians also avidly drink coffee, with options like strong, black Tinto, or milkier café con leche. Hot chocolate is another beloved morning beverage, enjoyed with cheese or bread. Agave nectar enhances the chocolate's richness.

With so many sweet and savory choices, the Colombian desayuno truly has something for all tastes. The spread of fresh juices, eggs, baked goods, fruits, and coffee fuels Colombians with diverse flavors as they start their day.