What to Look for When Booking a Business Hotel

What to Look for When Booking a Business Hotel

When you’re traveling for business, booking the right hotel is all-important. If you get this element of the trip wrong, you might find that you are uncomfortable, unrested, or otherwise stressed, and that can lead to a less than productive trip – certainly less productive than if you had booked a good hotel that you can rest in and enjoy.

With that in mind, and considering how important this part of business travel is, even if you had never thought about it before, here are some useful tips to help you know what to look for when booking a business hotel.


One of the most crucial things you need to think about when booking a hotel for your business trip is the location. The following points all need to be taken into account:

  • The neighborhood needs to be safe
  • It shouldn’t be too far from the airport
  • It needs to be close to your meeting point, or even have meeting rooms available to make the trip an easier one
  • It should be close to reasonable restaurants

It can be hard to know which hotel will cover all these points without spending many hours going through the details of each one. This is why getting help from corporate booking services can be an ideal solution. These experts will be able to take your requirement and find you the ideal hotel, meeting rooms, and even flights.

Good Reviews

There are websites you can browse through that will give you unbiased reviews for almost everything, and that includes hotels. Here, people who have used the hotel give their opinion on what it was like, often detailing the parts they did or did not enjoy. Using a website like this will give you a good idea of exactly what the hotel is like and whether it would be suitable.

TripAdvisor offers the facility to filter the reviews, so you only see those from business travelers. This is extremely helpful, as these are the reviews that will offer you the best insight into what the hotel can offer someone who is there for business. Look for reviews that talk about customer service, discounts, comfort, location, and how easy the hotel was to reach from the airport. If you want a gym or swimming pool, make sure these are mentioned so you can see what condition they are in before booking – just because a hotel has these facilities, that doesn’t mean you will want to use them if they aren’t well maintained.

Food Options

Of course, you may prefer to eat out at local restaurants, and perhaps the people you are there to meet will want to take you to some of their favorite places. However, that really only accounts for one meal per day, and if you want to ensure you’ll be able to find good food for breakfast and lunch as well, this is something you should check out.

Being able to order room service will be very useful, especially if you’re working and want to have something brought to you. You also need to look at what’s on offer – are there healthy options? Does the hotel cater for allergies? Knowing this means you can make the right choice for yourself.