What to Pack for a Beach Honeymoon

What to Pack for a Beach Honeymoon

If you’ve booked your beach honeymoon, you’ll need a few more things than your typical beach day. Let’s assume you’re traveling and spending some extended time away on your honeymoon. This isn’t a trip where you can just stuff things in a bag and leave (that’s advice, not a challenge).

If you want things to go as smoothly and stress-free as possible, make sure you consult this packing list at least a couple of times to make sure you’ve got it all!

Must-Have Travel Essentials in Your Carry-On

If you aren’t flying for your honeymoon, most of these will still be essential. Even for road trips or train travel, having one bag of essentials and one of all your other gear makes life easier. The most essential carry-on items can either be in your bag or pockets, depending on your preference. Regardless of your travel plans, having a silicone ring can save your shiny new wedding ring from damage. Don’t love the silicone ring look? No worries! Travel rings give you the look of your wedding ring, but you won’t break the bank if you lose or damage them!

Important travel documents

For international travel, this means passports and drivers’ licenses or state IDs. If you’re flying domestically, make sure you have your driver’s license or state ID. Beyond IDs, make sure you have cards for your health insurance (and any other insurance you carry).

Cash and Cards

Yes, cash is still a thing. It’s always helpful to carry a little bit of cash just in case. If you’re traveling internationally, changing your currency before you leave can save you a lot of hassle later on down the line. You may not get the best exchange rate, so decide whether a better exchange rate is worth a bit more trouble later.

Clothes and Toiletries

Having a day or two worth of clothing and essentials in your carry-on is necessary on any flight, especially here. You likely won’t have your bag lost, but you won’t be out of luck if it does happen.

Entertainment and Electronics

Phone Charger

You can optionally skip this one if you’re going the paper boarding pass route. If you have your documents on your phone, make sure you’ve got a charger. Having a fully charged power bank as a backup is even better. If you’re leaving the country, make sure you have the necessary adapters!

Books and Movies

Whether you download a movie, have podcasts to listen to or bring a paperback is up to you. Just make sure everything is fully charged. You’ll likely have seat power to plug into, but just in case be prepared.


Whether that’s a neck pillow, earplugs, eye mask or a combination, make sure your plane ride is as comfortable as possible!

packing for a beach vacation

Checked Bag


If you have prescription medications or things you aren’t sure you can buy where you’re going, make sure you bring extras just in case. Beyond that, bring all the essentials that you expect to need. Tylenol, motion sickness pills, Tums, band-aids, personal hygiene products, etc. Things like sunscreen and aloe will be helpful, too, on a beach honeymoon.

If you have certain beauty routine products you prefer, or you have your facial cleansing routine down to a science, bring it all with you! Makeup removing wipes, moisturizer, lotion, razors (definitely don’t leave those in your carry-on) and other items you use in your daily beauty regimen.

If you know you can get all the basics where you’re going, this isn’t as essential. Don’t forget your toothbrush and toothpaste in the excitement, though.


You’ll want to focus on light and breathable options for a beach honeymoon. While you’ll likely be opting for shorts or dresses most of the time, you still want to bring a light jacket for the evenings and a pair of jeans or leggings as well. While it’ll probably be casual overall, a nice outfit or two is a must for formal dinners.

Yes, bring plenty of underwear and socks for all occasions. We figure you’ll know to bring underwear, but we mention it just in case.


Yes, bring your beloved sandals, obviously. However, a pair of shoes or heels for formalwear as well as a comfortable pair of walking shoes (we can’t emphasize this enough) should also find their way into your bag.


Maybe a nicer purse and a more casual one would be useful. The same could go for clutches. A backpack is also helpful, but, men, remember a backpack is not an accessory; it’s a tool. You’re a grown man. Stop making backpacks a part of your outfit. A nice tote bag could also work. You can consider personalized ones and add your favorite couple logo to make your honeymoon more special. Check out these custom bags with logo online and get them prior to your trip.

couple on a boat


Make doubly sure to check this section for things that you may forget, like pajamas, hats, sunglasses, tissues and other necessities. It should go without saying, but you’re going to the beach, so don’t forget your swimsuit and any beach gear you feel you need.

Your hotel may provide a laundry bag but bring a plastic bag just in case. Don’t throw dirty clothes with your nice shirts in your bag when you’re going home.

The best way to pack optimally for your beach honeymoon is to check the weather forecast. Sure it’s probably going to be 75 and sunny, but maybe a shower or two will sneak in there. If there’s ever a time you’re allowed to overpack to plan for every little contingency, it’s your honeymoon, so take advantage of that.