What to pack for a Luxury Summer Trip Abroad

What to pack for a Luxury Summer Trip Abroad

Packing for a luxury summer holiday doesn’t only include the essentials. Indeed, the whole appeal of a luxury holiday is that you can relax and experience some of the most exclusive parts of the world and look absolutely incredible whilst doing it. And that requires quite a lot of stuff!

Most importantly, you want to remember everything you need so that you can spend your time enjoying the destination and relaxing. Thankfully, with this ticklist you won’t miss a thing.


Probably the thing that will take up the most room in your luggage are all your outfits. Whether it’s lounging by the pool, going shopping in one of the fashion capitals or going out to dinner, you want to look your absolute best at every turn.

For relaxed days on the beach, dress up your bikini or swimsuit with a linin sarong or beach dress that is breezy and elegant at the same time. If touring the city is on the agenda, opt for something floaty and practical, like long trousers made out of light material or a loose-fitting dress with some pretty sandals.

As for going out for dinner, the sky’s the limit. From cocktail dresses to glamorous jumpsuits and evening dresses, this is your chance to really dress up. If you need some discreet support whilst wearing these outfits, a luxury bra is always the way to go.


As every fashionista knows, behind every look goes in a lot of effort, and that includes the hair and beauty too. Not every hotel has straighteners and curlers, so pack your own pair so you can style your hair exactly as you please.

And of course, you can’t look this incredible without taking a few pictures. Remember to take your camera plus some spare memory cards should you use all the storage available.


A sure-fire way to elevate any outfit, jewellery is your best friend on a luxury holiday. The wonderful thing about jewellery is that they can add that glam factor to the plainest of outfits. Something like a dangly pair of earrings, a chunky necklace or some elegant rings will effortlessly complete your outfit. That includes watches too which never fail to bring a certain sophistication to any look.

If you want to take some really precious pieces with you, do take out comprehensive jewellery to protect you against them being stolen or lost.

Air tags

Lost luggage, who? Prepare your air tags before arriving at the airport so you can label your luggage. This way, it’s more likely to find its way back to you if it gets misplaced.