What To Pack For Luxurious Active Vacation In France

What To Pack For Luxurious Active Vacation In France

The point of a vacation is that it should be relaxing and inspiring to you. This is your time to rest and recharge. Maybe you will sleep in a little more and be active a little less. You will surely try French cuisine and enjoy yourself. But no matter what you have in plan for your vacation, if you want to stay active and explore France you need to maintain your fitness level.

Be sure to maintain your fitness

The easiest way to stay constant with your active lifestyle is to use the hotel gym. You can even join a few classes like yoga or morning group runs. But keep in mind - every great exercise begins with the perfect pair of sneakers that will hold your posture right and your ankles tight. We got you here - just try to find Nike running shoes that will be a perfect fit not only for the gym but also for every other activity you will experience in France. Keep in mind; you will need complete sportswear only in the gym because this type of clothing is not common to wear in other places in France.

French women care about quality. It is rare to see a French woman who doesn't have at least one detail or piece of designer clothing on her. They artfully combine vintage clothing, simple pieces that are accessible to everyone, with the pieces from famous designers. They are aware that a high-quality garment paired with some affordable clothing successfully complements and brings a moment of luxury to everyday wear.

Touring France

France is a country of exceptional culture and history. If you want to explore it during your vacation, there are numerous beautiful landmarks and natural wonders that will astonish you. Cycling and hiking are quite popular, and there are various beautiful routes across the whole country. Most of them go through historical sites and rustic vineyards so you will be immersing yourself in the history, culture and nature of this beautiful country. If your route is short, you can dress in the perfect floral summer dress with a stylish hat for your cycle trip that will take you across the beautiful countryside to a vineyard you want to visit. Let your outfit be inspired by the scenery. Be playful, pair vintage dresses with boyish shoes and a summer hat.

Each vineyard offers a chance to rest, relax and take in the amazing scenery around it. If your travels happen to take you to the valley of the Loire River, you will discover more than seventy-old castles that were built there.

For this longer route it is essential to wear comfortable sneakers, and if you are planning a hike, bring a jacket. Avoid all sports outfit because it's not part of their dress code, and why not dress up a little bit for your vacation? Every woman should wear a quality jacket, cashmere sweater and a good blouse. The basis of all dressing is the possession of quality basic things, and this is especially important for French women. A jacket, sweater and blouse are the pieces of clothing you wear all the time, which is why you should invest in them.

Sports activities in France

Fans of rafting will love the Tarn Gorges. There you will discover the wriggly and fast river Tarn which is known as one of the most famous rafting centers in the country. There are numerous rustic little villages all along the river shore in which you can relax and try some homemade wine. For this, you can pack clothes in various styles like boyish bohemia or androgynous tailoring, which will keep you warm enough, stylish and prepared for an unpredictable rafting adventure.

In France, you will rarely see ladies dressed in bright colors and striking prints. They are much more likely to go safely by choosing calmer and darker colors, such as black, brown and grey. They can often be seen dressed in black from head to toe. Despite the lack of colors, do not be fooled, they are not invisible. You will recognize them by their elegant dresses, well-tailored jackets, high waist skirts, biker jackets and wide pants.

If skiing is your thing, France can offer you a couple of resorts. The most famous one is Courchevel, a resort that is made up of five smaller towns. Another ski resort worth mentioning is the Meribel resort that is considered to be one of the most beautiful places on the Alps. If you can experience skiing in France, don’t be afraid to bring extra luggage on your luxurious vacation. For your skiing style think Brigitte Bardot, Cher, and Lana Turner - the iconic celebrities of elegance, even when they are doing sports activities.

Enjoying nature

The first-ever national park in France is the Vanoise Park located in the French Alps. In the valleys, you will be overwhelmed with the beautiful alp flowers of many colors. The main motto of French dress code is effortless, which is why every combination, although extremely sophisticated looks so powerful. But that doesn’t mean you can't spice things up. For this adventure, you can choose one of the various signatures French outfits and try out French Beret, or even something avant-garde: be innovative and shocking, but in flat shoes that will town down your outfit a little bit.

While it may seem as if the average French woman doesn't bother with her clothes and makeup (which isn't really true), her accessories are there to convince you otherwise. Scarves are something that almost every lady of style owns and carries, whether around her neck, head or bag. Sunglasses are one of the favorite accessories, shoes are certainly the most striking and important detail, and we don't even have to talk about a good bag. Choose one to four good leather bags (depending on how long is your trip) so you can complete every outfit with a dose of luxury.