What To Pack For Your First Yoga Retreat

What To Pack For Your First Yoga Retreat

You have taken the leap and finally booked that yoga retreat or yoga training you have been looking at for ages. With a rise in their popularity, the opportunities to travel to exotic places for a trip of a lifetime have grown tremendously. And one surefire way to guarantee the perfect trip is to be as prepared as possible with what you choose to pack.

Whether you are going across the country or the world, there are some items you absolutely need to pack to make your trip as comfortable and rewarding as it can be. From comfy shoes like your favorite Birkenstock sandals to your stylish yoga pants, you don’t have to pack heavy to pack right.

Travel Documents

You can be the most prepared person on the planet, but if you forget your travel documents, it means nothing. It is essential to have appropriate identification if you travel locally or the necessary passports and visas for international trips.

Store these documents somewhere safe in your luggage that is easily accessible but also protected from any adverse weather you might encounter.

Appropriate Clothes

When you think of the clothing you might need on a yoga retreat, items like yoga pants, sports bras, lightweight workout tops and underwear seem the most obvious. And while it is, it can be easy to overlook other pieces of clothing you can use.

Yoga retreats almost always occur in countries with warm and humid climates. For this reason, don’t skip your swimming costume for cooling off in the afternoon, a dress or any type of semi-formal evening wear, a shawl in case you get cold once the sun goes down, and a rain jacket as it is likely you will be in a tropical climate prone to rain.

Lastly, remember a snug pair of PJs and a casual day outfit for excursions into the surrounding areas. The quantity of each item is primarily based on how long your retreat is. But be reasonable in your packing and skip duplicates of things you will only need once.

Yoga Mat

The finer details of retreats differ based on who is hosting them. Most require you to bring yoga props, including a mat, blocks, straps, and mat wipes. While some hosts might provide these items, you will probably prefer to take your own as you are more familiar with these items, and it is more hygienic.

Remember to factor in these things when packing your travel bag, as they can take up a large amount of space, which could push you over your limit.


Toiletries are an area where it is best to pack only the necessities. These include a toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant, a hairbrush and hairband/tie, sanitary items, and minimal make-up (or skip the make-up altogether if you feel comfortable going without it). Also, don’t forget to pack sunscreen that is at least SPF50, especially for your face.

The basics like shampoo, conditioner, and body wash might be provided depending on where you stay. But if you plan to bring your own, keep it under 100mls to travel with it in your carry-on safely.

Water Bottle

A reusable water bottle is always a handy item to pack when traveling. You can fill them up nearly anywhere, and if you enjoy having easily accessible water, you will likely have it on your list already. In addition, they are better for the environment and more hygienic if you are concerned about drinking out of unfamiliar glasses.

Journal or Book

If you enjoy reading at night before bed or writing in your journal daily, pack the necessary books to maintain this while you are away. Switch to an e-book to avoid any extra weight. You will find that preserving calmness and peace is a significant theme on your trip, and having these familiar items will only add to that.

Small Towel

Nothing is worse than trying to maintain your warrior II pose and feeling sweat dripping down your face and body. A small hand towel is a simple solution to this problem. You can use it to dry off yourself and wipe down your mat to avoid slipping throughout your sessions.

Comfortable Shoes

Yoga retreats and high heels are not friends. In fact, you will struggle to find a single situation throughout your time away where heels can be justified. So avoid the nuisance and skip them entirely. Instead, pack comfortable sandals that you can easily slip on when needed and a pair of comfortable walking shoes for any outdoor adventure you might want to embark on.

Optional Extras

Although it is best to stay off your phone to get the most out of your experience, packing a phone charger will be a good idea to stay in touch with your loved ones. Additionally, a camera and charger will help you capture the beautiful surroundings you find yourself in.

All retreats include meals in their packages, but packing some of your favorite healthy snacks won’t be a complete waste if you are worried about feeling hungry at times. Even if you end up never needing them, it is better to be prepared.