What to pack for your honeymoon in Italy

What to pack for your honeymoon in Italy
You want it to be as wonderful and stress-free as the wedding itself, naturally. For a little guidance, Exsus has compiled the top 10 things to consider when packing for a honeymoon in Italy:

1. Read Italian fiction

A romantic novel set in Italy is the perfect book to read on your honeymoon. Ensconce yourself in Under the Tuscan Sun by Frances Mayes, with its vivid descriptions of Italian countryside living. Or there's Anthony Capella's The Wedding Officer, Italy's answer to Captain Corelli's Mandolin which captures the enduring passion for romance and Italian cooking in Naples.

2. Shoes, shoes, shoes

Italians are the experts when it comes to shoes, so bring your best designer heels for glamorous nights out. Don't forget sandals to go from beach to bar, comfy sneakers for sightseeing, and hiking boots if you're climbing volcanoes in the Aeolian Islands. Just make sure you've worn in new shoes beforehand!

3. Think elegant, Italian style

Channel Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday with your refined yet relaxed city wardrobe, as you enjoy site-seeing in style. For the beach, make like an Italian fashionista and carry off effortless beach glamour with light kaftans and luxe two-pieces.

4. Heading to Venice? Ditch the wheelie

To curb noise-pollution, it's now illegal to drag wheelie-suitcases through the streets of Venice... Unless you're a local, that is. So, if you can't convince everyone you're a native Venetian, use an alternative like a shoulder bag or case with rubber wheels.

5. Capture your memories the traditional way

Your honeymoon certainly isn't your standard holiday and you want to remember it that way. Relinquish Smartphone technology and purchase a DSLR, or try a vintage Leica camera for classic style.

6. Set sail

For sailing fanatics, pack your yacht license. Where better than Capri and the Amalfi coast to charter a boat and enjoy the privacy and views of this dramatic coastline?

7. Wrap up

It might not spring to mind when you imagine brilliant sunshine on a honeymoon to Italy, but a wrap, like a pashmina or shawl, is an essential item to pack. You have to cover your shoulders when visiting many of Italy's beautiful churches, such as St Peter's Basilica in the Vatican, otherwise you'll be turned away.

8. La lingua dell'amore

Speaking a little of the local language will really enrich your holiday, plus Italian is such a romantic language. Bring a pocket Italian dictionary, or better yet load up the Google Translate app on your phone, and you'll be able to chat with the locals in no time.

9. Your Smartphone, loaded with handy travel apps

It seems like there's an app for everything these days. Gone are the days of laboriously planning each and every hour of your honeymoon: fire up apps like Foodspotting, Pin Drop and FourSquare for tips on where to eat and what to see wherever you are; try Nuok if you think your Italian's up to scratch. Save on roaming costs by connecting to local WiFi spots – use Wi-Fi Finder to locate your nearest sources (there really is an app for everything).

10. And finally… bring your appetite!

You might've watched the calories before the wedding, but you're in Italy now. And that means gastronomic indulgence, with gourmet delicacies unlike any other in the world, not to mention over 300 Michelin starred restaurants to choose from. For Italian classics you can't miss Tuscany's truffle pasta and velvety red Montalcino wines, or the original Neapolitan pizzas in southern Italy. You're on your honeymoon: make the most of it.

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Photo credit: Le Sirenuse, Positano