What to See and Do on Jeju island in South Korea

What to See and Do on Jeju island in South Korea

If you have never been to South Korea, specifically the island of Jeju, now is the time to go. South Korea constitutes the southern part of the Korean Peninsula and the capital of Seoul is as eclectic as it is beautiful. Between delicious street food and marvelous architecture as well as ancient history, there is something for everyone. A true adventure. However, so is the island of Jeju, a magnificent pearl well-worth a visit in its own right. Before you head to South Korea and start exploring, it's more than likely that you will need a visa to enter the country. In the near future it will be possible to apply for a South Korea online visa, but for now you still need to visit an embassy or a consulate. Once you arrive on Jeju island there is no end to the possibilities though and if you truly want to make it a trip to remember, a list of unusual things to do might be just what the doctor ordered. 

South Korea visa regulations

As of yet it is not possible to apply for an electronic travel authorization, a so called eVisa but it is in the pipeline for the coming year. It will allow citizens from eligible countries to apply for a visa online by filling out an online form with their personal information and passport details. The online visa application process will facilitate travel to South Korea and make it easier for tourists to visit. However, at the moment you will still need to visit an embassy or a consulate if you wish to apply for a tourist visa to South Korea. That is if you are not a citizen from the Australia, Brazil, an EU country, USA, Argentina, Japan or New Zealand, as citizens from these countries can visit South Korea visa-free and stay for a period of up to 90 days. For a full list of requirement and regulations regarding South Korea visas it's best to visit official websites online. 

Unusual things

Jeju Mermaids - visit South Korea's women of the sea and be mesmerized by the strength, diligence and professionalism of these extraordinary fisherwomen. They will even let you taste some of the treats directly harvested from the ocean floor. 
Cuddle up - the Juju island Teddy Bear Museum is well worth a visit. Displaying thousands of teddy bears from all over the world, it is one of the most famous museums in South Korea. 
Dive in - Jeju Water World is a place for the entire family and everyone will have the time of their lives. There is even an herb sauna as well as traditional Korean bathhouses making sure you take relaxation to a whole new level between enjoying the water slides. 
Remember your seatbelt - travel on the mysterious road of Dokkaebi where you seem to be challenging the laws of gravity as you go. 
Go deep - explore the world under the ocean surface by diving down with the Seogwipo Submarine, a guaranteed adventure of a lifetime. Remember to bring your camera.