What Type of Taxi Services Are Available in Kashmir, India? 

What Type of Taxi Services Are Available in Kashmir, India? 

The road trips in Kashmir while enjoying the scenic views that surround us is a top-tier experience. The lush meadows, the ever-calm lakes and mighty snowy mountains welcome you from the airport and throughout the trip. It feels like being in a movie. However, for such a safe and smooth time in the valley, you do need to know the different types of Kashmir taxi service available and their advance booking.

Due to well-connected roads, every type of vehicle, be it SUVs or Sedan or even buses operate with ease. The best of models with great comfort in seating is provided. You can choose them according to the number of people in your group. The idea of being driven around by a local and skilled driver with years of experience is comforting and ensures safety. You are taken to different locations everyday and the driver acts as your guide too, giving you local insight about them.

This article will give you a comprehensive overview of different models of vehicles you can choose, their qualities and how to book them.

SUVs (Scorpio, Thar, Bolero): SUVs like Scorpio, Thar, Bolero are ideal choices for off-roading in the remote areas of Kashmir as they have a generous height  and are larger in comparison to other cars. and come with great power too. The impressive ground clearance is a contributing factor too.  6 to 8 people can sit comfortably in these cars and the transmission is automatic too. Apart from being fully-conditioned, you experience a great thrill and adventure while riding them. They are quite luxurious as well as well-maintained. They are family-friendly, having a perfect blend of space and style.

Luxury Sedan (Honda City, Hyundai Verna, Toyota Camry): Under luxury sedans, different options are available such as Honda City, Maruti Suzuki Ciaz, Hyundai Verna, Toyota Camry, Honda Amaze etc. The vehicles are fully-serviced when received by the customers. The maintenance level is great too with proper cleanliness inside and out. These cars come under the category of luxury and 4 to 5 people is the maximum capacity of them. Transmission is automatic in luxury Sedans and they are air-conditioned as well.

Economy Vehicles (Swift Dzire. Indica, Alto 800): These budget-friendly vehicles are just perfect for a small family. These are 4 people seater cars and lie in the economy category. The transmission is Automatic in economy vehicles like Swift Dzire, Indica Alto, Mahindra XUV300 etc. These are air-conditioned. They might be available for a lesser price in comparison to other vehicles but there is absolutely no compromise in comfort and they are spacious too. They are also some common ones that people drive in daily life so you can also pick the option of self-driving when selecting these cars.

Innova Crsyta: Innova crysta is another choice in the list that you can make. It is as good as other vehicles in terms of luxury and you will feel comfortable seating in it. If you are in Kashmir with your family, it would be the perfect pick. The latest model of the car is provided to the customers. It has all the necessary features that ensure a safe and feasible driving on Kashmir roads.  The max people that can sit in the car is seven and automatic transmission is available, easing the driving. It is fully air-conditioned.

Fortuner: If you want to experience the most luxurious trip, this must be your choice. It comes in the category of most premium vehicles and also the most chosen one. The unparalleled comfort and luxury that it offers is surprising. It can accommodate 7 people at a time and the transmission is automatic. It is air conditioned and very suitable for taking to offbeat places. The high power and torque that it contains makes it so versatile and can be easily driven on rough and uneven mountainous roads.

Tempo 12/15/17 Seaters: The tempos with different seating arrangements are just the right choice if you have visited Kashmir on a big family vacation. It can accommodate 12 to 20 people. A together experience of visiting places and exploring them can be enjoyed in these tempos. Even though they are quite big, the insides as well as the outside area of the vehicle is fully cleaned out. These tempos are economy type cars and the transmission is automatic. They are air-conditioned as well, ensuring your comfort and no problem of heat.

Mini Bus: Renting a Minibus for a group of  travelers in Kashmir is the ultimate decision. It has sufficient space for people ranging from 20 to 25. A school trip or a big family trip should be done in these mini buses. You would not need to divide in different 3-4 vehicles. Everyone can sit together, enjoying the road trips talking and giggling and lastly exploring different attractions and going for sightseeing. It has decent luggage space too along with reclining seats if you want to relax and rest. They are air conditioned, giving you the complete feel of comfort and luxury.

How to get these Kashmir Taxi services?

Online websites: One of the most convenient ways to book for Taxi Services in Kashmir is via the online website of any local travel company in Kashmir. They provide you complete detail regarding models, car’s properties and prices available. The advance booking can be done easily through online mode and make payments via online transactions. There are a number of people at customer’s services who would be ready to talk to you anytime of day or night and provide you essential information.

You just need to fill in all the details regarding personal information, locations, vehicle type and the work is done.

Rental apps ( Ola, Uber): Rental apps like Uber and Ola are other ways to book vehicles in the Taxi Services in Kashmir. They don't offer advance booking. Instant booking for airport transfers and one-day sightseeing can be done through these apps. One major drawback of this option is that you have to book them on each and every day of your trip and Ola and Uber do not work in the off-beat locations of Kashmir. They can be found in the main cities and towns like Srinagar, Gulmarg etc. However, they are quite quick in their response and will pick you from your exact mentioned location.

Offline Booking: On the spot-booking can be done too in Kashmir for renting vehicles. But again, you have to book them everyday. In the peak season,offline bookings get very tiring and requires last-minute hustle. There is no option of advance booking but it does open some chances of negotiation on pricing. You get good deals on the vehicles in the off-season when not many tourists are seen in the valley. Even hotels and rental shops in Kashmir offer offline booking along with a trusted and experienced driver.

Final Thoughts

The whole booking process like the vehicle to choose or the booking option depends on you. Make the choice according to your preferences including the number of people traveling and your budget too. One more thing to consider is that your driver must be very well-equipped to drive on the not so smooth roads of Kashmir. He must have all the mandatory documents along with his driving license. He can not be rude to the tourists and has good communication skills.

Other than that, we wish you a good trip in the Kashmir Valley.