What’s Behind the Private Jet Group Charter Boom?

What’s Behind the Private Jet Group Charter Boom?

Private jet group charters are a popular option for those who want to travel with a group of people on a private aircraft and avoid the fixed itineraries of commercial aviation and packed airports. Instead of purchasing individual tickets on commercial flights, a group can charter an entire aircraft for their exclusive use, allowing for greater flexibility and convenience in their travel plans.

Chartering a private jet for a group allows choosing the aircraft that best fits overall needs, rather than being limited to the airlines' schedules and routes and type of airplane. Group charter allows the selection of the size and type of aircraft based on the number of passengers, the distance of travel, and the level of comfort and luxury that the group may require.

With experience coordinating group charters worldwide for travel agencies, airlines, sports teams, and companies, global private charter company BitLux has access to thousands of large airliners to enhance the travel experience of their customers, which relies on flexibility, competitive pricing, and support throughout the entire flight, from start to finish.

These large VIP-level airliners are unique and have been adapted for private aviation purposes. It’s the case of the Boeing 737 Business Jet or the Airbus A319 Corporate Jet – these popular commercial airplanes have been adapted to offer passengers unparalleled cabin space and comfort while seating up to 16 passengers or less when usually commercial airlines seat more than 150.

Private jet group charters offer many benefits, including:

1) Privacy and security: With a private group charter, passengers have complete privacy and security. They can avoid the crowds and long lines associated with commercial airports, and those coordinating the experience can control who has access to your flight.

2) Comfort and convenience: Private jet group charters offer a high level of privacy and comfort, and those arranging the flight can choose the amenities that best fit the group’s needs, such as in-flight entertainment, Wi-Fi, and gourmet catering.

3) Flexibility: Private jets allow passengers to travel on their schedule, without relying on fixed itineraries. This means that the departure and arrival times can be tailored to fit the group's schedule, and the aircraft can land at smaller, more convenient airports.

4) Cost-effectiveness: Private group charters are also a cost-effective option when considering all the associated benefits. When the cost of the charter is divided among the passengers, it can be more affordable than purchasing multiple business-class tickets on a commercial airline.

“Group charters are ideal for corporate travel, family vacations, and other group events. They offer a level of comfort, convenience, and security that commercial flights cannot match, as well as the ability to fly to destinations that may not be serviced by commercial airlines”, said Caio Holtz, executive charter manager at BitLux.

If you are interested in arranging a private charter for a group, it's important to work with a reputable charter company that can help you select the right aircraft and ensure a safe and enjoyable flight, as well as provide key information regarding documentation, safety tips and things to do on-location.

Finally, the flying times and miles for group charter aircraft vary from jet to jet, with some allowing 7 hours while others offer up to 14 hours of range. The cost of a private group charter depends on the type of aircraft, the route, and other factors such as catering and ground transportation. When booking a group charter flight with BitLux, you will be able to quote routes with different aircraft thanks to our preestablished relationships with the top certified operators in the world.

BitLux delivers various services across the air charter industry, but Executive Travel is closest to heart. Whether you are flying for business or leisure, BitLux provides a top-tier private jet service that actively exceeds expectations.