White Desert Antarctica Launches Private Jet Service

White Desert Antarctica Launches Private Jet Service
Guests can now fly to the continent in the utmost style and comfort with a maximum of only 12 clients on each departure. A once in a lifetime experience, a visit to the White Desert’s Whichaway Camp has attracted guests such as legendary NASA astronaut Buzz Aldrin, Bear Grylls and Prince Harry.

With the first departure scheduled for November 2017, a Gulfstream jet will fly guests 4,000km over the incredible icepack of the Southern Ocean before passing into 24 hours of continuous sunshine. With one of the most iconic mountains on Earth as the backdrop – named Wolfs Fang- clients will land on a specially prepared blue ice runway. The flight is carbon neutral and White Desert is running the service in line with strict ecological guidelines.

The Gulfstream flight is a unique experience in itself. During the flight, guests will enjoy a selection of delicacies including sushi and wagyu beef tartare, while cocktails are garnished with thousand year old glacial ice from Antarctica.

For the 2017/2018 season and beyond, White Desert will be offering guests a range of private jet trips. Their signature experience ‘Emperors and South Pole’ is an 8-day trip into the very heart of Antarctica. Starting at the White Desert’s Whichaway camp, guests will fly two hours along the dramatic coast to visit a 6,000-strong Emperor penguin colony and their newly hatched chicks; one of the most remote and unseen wildlife spectacles on Earth. Further highlights include a visit to the American science station at the Geographic South Pole, the lowest point on earth.

Also available this season is the 4 day ‘Ice and Mountains’ adventure and the ‘Greatest Day’, a private chartered one day trip to Antarctica. The new experiences are designed to cater for time-strapped adventurers wishing to experience the real interior of Antarctica.

Another exciting addition to the 2017 season is a one-off trip hosted by NASA Astronaut Terry Virts, which will include a special Antarctic screening of his recently released IMAX movie ‘A Beautiful Planet’, with Terry narrating astounding tales from his time as International Space Station commander.

Limited space are available on 2017/18 trips and bookings are now open for the 2018/19 season.


2017 available trip dates:
Emperors and South Pole: 19-28 November
Terry Virts: 6 - 14 December
Ice and Mountains Trip: 10 - 14 January 2018

2018/19 trip dates:
Emperor and South Pole: 19-28 Nov 2018
Emperor and South Pole: 28 Nov - 6 Dec 2018
Emperor and South Pole: 6-14 Dec 2018
Emperor and South Pole: 14-22 Dec 2018
Emperor and South Pole: 22-28 Dec 2018
Emperor and South Pole: 28 Dec 2018 - 4 Jan 2019
Emperor and South Pole: 4 -10 Jan 2019
Ice and Mountains: 10-14 Jan 2019

‘Emperors and South Pole Adventure’: $78,000 US dollars per person (max group size: 12)
‘Terry Virts Adventure’: $89,900 US dollars per person
‘Ice and Mountains’: $32,000 US dollars per person ‘Greatest Day’
Exclusive charter: $195,000 US dollars (based on 14 pax)

All costs include: Airport collection in Cape Town; safety briefing in Cape Town; return flight to Antarctica on White Desert Gulf Stream jet, all accommodation, food and drink (including all alcohol) in Antarctica; all guiding fees, support of field guides and logistics staff; use of certain items of polar clothing (as denoted on equipment list); payment by White Desert Ltd of a ‘Carbon Tax’ for offsetting emissions created by all logistics associated with Antarctic travel.