White Desert’s Early Emperor Penguins: A Once in A Lifetime Trip

White Desert’s Early Emperor Penguins: A Once in A Lifetime Trip

White Desert’s Early Emperors itinerary is a once in a lifetime opportunity to visit one of the most spectacular places on earth, offering unique access to a magnificent penguin colony in Antarctica. At the colony’s height over November and December, guests of the Early Emperors trips will have the chance to see over 14,000 breeding pairs and their newly hatched chicks - a spectacle full of noise and energy that is a favorite with wildlife watchers, enthusiasts and photographers, alike.

​​The Early Emperor's trip begins with a thrilling 5-hour flight across the Southern Ocean, crossing onto the 7th Continent, where guests experience the continuous daylight of the Antarctic summer. After landing on the Wolf’s Fang ice runway, guests are transferred to Whichaway camp for a gentle hike around the icy oasis and activities like treks to mesmerizing ice waves, summiting a nunatak, ice climbing, and abseiling. On Day 3, a short flight deeper into Antarctica offers breath-taking views of the High Polar Plateau before landing at the Emperor Penguin colony in Atka Bay, where guests witness thousands of penguins. The adventure continues with explorations of ice waves, ice tunnels, and panoramic viewpoints, culminating in a hike along a winding cliff face with stunning views, all guided by world-class mountain experts.

It is not just the surreal beauty or unimaginably large landscapes that make White Desert’s Early Emperor’s trip so amazing; it is the reconnection to nature in its rawest form. Guests leave White Desert feeling humble and fragile, yet, simultaneously, empowered and deeply connected to our planet.

White Desert was Co-Founded by record-breaking polar explorer Patrick Woodhead, born out of a desire to allow people other than scientists and polar explorers to see the wonders of the interior of Antarctica. The company is the only operator to fly guests out of South Africa (Cape Town) direct to the Continent, managing and operating a unique blue-ice runway.

Prices start at $68,500 per person for a 6-day tour and includes return flights & transfers from Cape Town to Antarctica, all accommodation, food & beverages, and activities around camp. White Desert Antarctica have pledged to use $1,000 per person per trip on their conservation, community, and sustainability initiatives.