Why a private jet is an excellent idea for your next trip

Why a private jet is an excellent idea for your next trip
If you're thinking of using a private jet through rental or contemplating purchasing one, here are a few benefits and bits of information to help sway you in a positive direction.

There are several things to consider when finding the right private jet choice for you. Questions that may arise are: Where are you flying to? How many people will be coming with you (How big should the plane be?), and how important is cost are all factors you should address to narrow down the search for the right jet for you and your needs.

Whether you're flying a chartered flight or as a joint owner, cost of flying is based hourly. There are lower rates for flying longer. So for example, a chartered flight from London to New York would net you a better deal than a flight from London to Berlin. Some companies cut hourly rates substantially when on transatlantic or transpacific flights to and from the United States, for example. Traveling this way also lends itself to other perks such as first class products, beating long security lines, and putting you at the front of the immigration line.

Also consider that if you've used a private jet service before, it might be wise to use the same company again. Many companies are forming partnerships with other companies to up their respective businesses. From waiving trip planning fees, to hotel upgrades, to exclusive offers from the world's top fashion brands to luxury auto rentals, these are just a few of the added bonuses flying on a private jet can land you.

Think of the amenities on these private jets and considered throwing a party on one. Private jet rental companies rent out jets for everything from the Oscars to the World Cup. Some companies give clients the full party experience with open bars, celebrity chefs, and even celebrities of screen and stage. Not to mention access to sporting events, fashion shows, and award ceremonies across the globe. These parties can be a great way to cement a business deal or give someone's birthday one they will never forget.

And then there's the ability to make the jet you've purchased your own. Make it your own style and design. Some companies use celebrity designers as selling points and part of their service, giving buyers an added incentive of knowing they be traveling in style. Some of the companies offering bigger jets as purchase options allow buyers to layout their own floor plans with bedrooms, bathrooms, TV rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, and more. Some companies are even offering large, floor to ceiling windows as an upgrade option for customization.

These are just a few of the fantastic advantages of solving your aviation plans by private jet or purchasing one of your own to fly in hassle-free style.