Why a Yearly Weekend in Monaco is a Must

Why a Yearly Weekend in Monaco is a Must

When Europeans are looking for a town that can offer the best quality of life, anywhere in the world, in the heart of the Old Continent, they know where to go: To Monaco. With its wonderful luxury hotels, its amazing food, and its variety of entertainment, which includes its world-famous casino, we are in for a week-end of fun, that is meant to be appreciated at least for a few days, on a yearly basis. Here is why.

Luxury Hotels with a “Savoir-faire”
If you really want to enjoy your week-end, you first need to book the right hotel. It is the key to a few days in paradise. That is why the Monte-Carlo Société des Bains de Mer resort is the place you need to look at, before finalizing your reservation. They offer four of the most luxurious hotels, featuring casinos, restaurants, spas and pools. But what really distinguish them from the rest, is certainly their knowledge of how to host guests, so that they leave fully satisfied, whether you are there for a couple of days, a week, or even more.

For the Formula One Race Fans
If you are a real Formula One racing fan, then you know that all locations offer a completely different race to watch. But it is especially true of Monaco, since the race is run on its streets. This is the place to be, as everyone that knows anything about car racing finds themselves on these 200 hectares of land, for a few days, to celebrate this sport, but also to have a lot of fun. If that is when you decide to go, book months in advance, as it will be quite hard to find any availability in terms of rooms.

Walk around the Rock of Monaco
There are four quarters in Monaco. The Rock is the one that hosts the Prince's Palace and the Family. The Palace of Monaco is certainly impressive to watch, once you stand in front of it. But the joy of walking around on the Rock, is to discover the beautiful streets of Monaco-Ville, which is the oldest quarter. You are sure to cross paths with some of the most interesting people, from all over. Enjoy its boutiques and its restaurant as well.

Dining and Shopping
Speaking of these two characteristics, you should know that the fine cuisine in Monaco is a mix of Italian and French fusion. You will be delighted, from breakfast to dinner, with meals of the highest quality, and there are many bars to grab a drink, before your meal. To spend the rest of the day, nothing better than catching-up on your shopping. Head to the Promenade Monte-Carlo Shopping, where you will find some of the most famous names in luxury clothing, today, as you walk from one shop to the other, in open air.

You won’t know where the weekend went, once you have arrived to Sunday evening (or Monday, if you made it a longer one), but you will know that you are ready to come back and do it all over again, as soon as possible.