Why Choose Grand Palladium Hotels & Resorts in Riviera Maya, Mexico

Why Choose Grand Palladium Hotels & Resorts in Riviera Maya, Mexico

There are so many great places to visit in Mexico, from Cancun is to Los Cabos. Before deciding on exactly where to go, you should take into consideration some different things: the type of location you'd like, what kind of accommodation you prefer, and which activities you're interested in. Here is a rundown on how to plan your Mexico vacation in style.


When planning a trip to Mexico, the North East of the country arguably has the most to offer. Quintana Roo is the county which holds Cancun, Cancun International Airport, and some other great towns. You don't have to drive far from the airport to be blown away by the beautiful beaches, vibrant nightlife and luxury hotel market.

The hotels in Quintana Roo tend to be conveniently close to many popular towns in the area, such as Tulum, Playa del Carmen, Cancun, and Chichen Itzá. That is ideal for those who wish to not only enjoy the surroundings from the resort facilities, but also explore the many historically and culturally important sites near them. 


The type of accommodation you want to stay in is also a huge factor in choosing a holiday to Mexico. Those with low budgets can look to the many hostels, but also tend to be slightly less picky in this regard, so let's concentrate on luxury and family holidays for a minute. 

The Grand Palladium hotels are an obvious choice as they are situated in this Quintana Roo area, being proudly rated 5 stars. The variety of different rooms and suites assure that there is something for every type of vacation or event - friends, couples, families or weddings. 

Even though all three hotels (White Sand, Colonial and Kantenah) are all up to standard and provide similar services, they do have some differences in accommodation options.

For instance, Grand Palladium White Sand Resort & Spa has the highest amount of junior suites and is the only one that has suites and romance bungalows. However, the Colonial and the Kantenah resorts & spa have deluxe rooms, romance villa suites and ambassador suites. Therefore, it is up to you to decide what kind of comfort stay will fulfil your holiday. 

What to See & Do

Having an idea of what activities you would like to do on your holiday will also inform your decision. Much of this article has been focused on Cancun so far because the atmosphere and vibrancy makes it the most popular holiday destination in Mexico. But what if you have your own very specific idea of what fun entails? Here is a guide of activites in Mexico, and where is best to endeavour them.


If cultural exploration is on the agenda, head straight to Mexico City and don’t think twice. Mexico City is the capital of Mexico and is known in particular for the Catedral Metropolitana de Mexico of the Spanish conquistadors, Templo Mayor and its huge Placa de la Constitución.


Copper Canyon is arguably the most epic hike in Mexico to be had. This is situated in the North West, in the county of Chihuahua. Unlike the miniature dog, this is a grand beast with six separate canyons. This hiking trail is estimated at five days and has achieved high global rankings.

Water sports

Ensenada in Baja California (North West of Mexico) is an absolute gem for surfing. It’s very close to the US border, making it hugely popular among surfing tourists. It has some of the best waves in Mexico, too.