Why Every Architecture Fanatic Should Visit China in 2020

Why Every Architecture Fanatic Should Visit China in 2020

China’s fast-growing economy has made it a major player in the infrastructural development of many nations in the world. The country is teaming with styles and designs that form the basis of future architectural designs in the world. Here are eight structures in China that will fascinate an architectural fanatic in 2020.


Chongqing province is rich in glass architectural designs. It’s newest structure, “The Conservatory”, brought on a host of challenges, making it one of the most advanced China sky bridge projects. Some of the major features include the Flower Sky and the Chongqing Gallery. All these are skywalks overhanging cliffs. It also hosts the second tallest sky bridge in the world, the Crystal, which stands at 850 feet above the street.

Fang Yuan Mansion Shenyang

This building brings together extreme architectural styles and considerations. The mansion, which is in the shape of the traditional Chinese coin, Yuan, is the brainchild of architect C.Y Lee. It is a perfect mosaic of eastern and western cultural ideas.

New Century Global Centre

It is the largest building in the world in terms of volume as it can hold 20 Sydney Opera houses. The massive complex houses a university complex, a Mediterranean village, a shopping center, and an iMax theatre. The New Century Global Center is known as one of the best “small towns” in the world.

Circle of Life

The Circle of Life is a ring-shaped building in the city of Fushun. The 157-metre landmark has approximately 3000 tons of steel and over 12,000 LED lights. It is one of the most distinguishable structures in China.

SoHo peaks

These beautiful man-made peaks are located between Beijing and the airport. As a result, they are the first thing you see when entering the city and the last you see on your way out. It is a multipurpose commercial complex split into three fluid shapes, forming three peaks.

The Chongqing Guotai Arts Centre

While most critics agree that the building represents a hot pot and chopsticks, others think it represents a white fig tree. The structure is a perfect blend of traditional and modern building styles to highlight Chinese culture. It is Chongqing’s cultural hub where most local art events take place.

Star Trek Enterprise Building

A Star Trek fanatic, Liu Dejian purchased the rights to build a residential and office space similar to that of Sci-fi’s starship, the USS Enterprise. Located in Changle, this is currently the only licensed Star Trek structure in the world. It is the headquarters of Dejian’s gaming franchise NetDragon Websoft, rather appropriate, no?

The Piano House

Visiting this building in Huainan is the dream of every music lover. It represents a grand piano and violin. The piano houses the main house, which is accessible through the staircase in the glass piano.

Structural design fans have stated that the Chinese understood the future of architecture and design before many countries. The fact that most modern structural models take after the Chinese structures shows the truth in this observation. Take advantage of visiting world class buildings and eating the freshest Chinese food for your next vacation!