Why London is the Perfect City Wedding Destination

Why London is the Perfect City Wedding Destination

When it comes to weddings, those getting hitched have varying preferences and desires. Some like to go big and bold and splash out on their nuptials, others spend so much that they regret it afterwards, and others like a quiet, affordable and more understated event. Whether urban or rural, the spectrum of wedding experiences is vast.

Certainly, any wedding is perfect so long as those marrying think so, but it’s undoubtedly the city wedding that offers the busiest day possible. This is especially true of the wedding experience that the city of London can offer.

Consequently, here’s why London is the perfect for a city wedding.

Drawing a Crowd

For those who’ve spent a lot on their wedding day, sometimes a bit of attention can just be nice for that one day. After all, it’s a time for celebration! Cities mean crowds, and if a wedding is taking place in the heart of London, no doubt there’ll be many heads turning toward the bride as she makes her entrance into the church.

Who knows, perhaps a crowd of uninvited Londoners trying to glimpse the bride might give off a ‘royal wedding’ type of experience? It will certainly add to the extravagance of the day, and perhaps the proceedings will feel like an entire city is behind the lucky couple. For those who aren’t quite in favour of an isolated, private experience (of which is still completely valid), this happening might just be for them!

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This is obvious due to the prior point of their being crowds, but London is accessible; everyone knows where it is and how to get there. There are endless trains, planes and buses pouring into the city every hour. Therefore, there’s nothing to worry about in the way of giving guests directions or hoping they arrive safely if they’re traveling from overseas.

London is also multicultural, which means there’s better chance of everyone being happier in the city centre. There’re things for everyone to do in London both before and after the wedding, as it boasts an endless supply of hotels, bars, clubs, cinemas and so on. England’s capital truly accommodates everyone and their needs, so it’s a very safe choice if you’re eager to keep your guests happy, occupied and entertained.


When most people think of a wedding, they simply think of the moment the two people state their vows, and perhaps a generic kind of party afterwards. There’s an aisle, perhaps an organ playing, or any other number of traditions that take place for different religions and cultures. It can seem like quite a linear, checklist kind of process, but London allows the newly weds to shake things up a bit and some creative flare.

There’s a lot to do and see in London. A couple could get married, and then head up to the London eye if they so choose and romantically take in the sweeping views of the capital city. Alternatively, there’s many venues in Marylebone and Belgravia for a great party too, slightly more stylish, famed and refined perhaps than a local village’s disco hall. Or, they could wonder through the West End or stroll across the streets of Covent Garden alone after things have died down; the possibilities are endless.