Why Men’s Skincare and Beauty Market is Booming in 2021

Why Men’s Skincare and Beauty Market is Booming in 2021

Women’s skincare has been in the spotlight for decades - but what about men’s skincare and beauty products? Men’s skincare and beauty lines have long been a subject glossed over by marketing campaigns and even the skincare and beauty companies themselves. Women are drawn to the glamour and benefits that skincare and beauty products offer, but the approach has always been different for men. Historically, men’s beauty and skincare have used “manly men” and scenes like forests and mountains to promote their products, but that all could be changing. “The market is expected to grow to $18.92 billion by 2027” says Beauty Packaging, a leading research platform within the beauty industry. “That is a 6.3% increase compared to historical data.”  Let’s take a look at why these numbers are booming.

Men’s Thoughts Towards Beauty and Skincare is Changing

While their fathers and grandfathers may have followed in the footsteps of those before them in believing that beauty and skincare products are only for women, millennial and gen Z men are starting to question those beliefs. Instead of guys asking “why should I take care of my skin?” Jeremy Gardner, CEO of MadeMan, has found, “Now they are asking “why aren’t I taking care of my skin?”

On the topic of taking care of skin, the MicrodermaMitt is a product that allows men and women alike the indulgent experience of exfoliation and skin cleansing using only one simple product. “Our method of deep exfoliation will leave your skin feeling smooth, silky and looking fresh and radiant,” says Judy Nural, Founder and President of MicrodermaMitt. “We hope you enjoy this modern version of an ancient, and much-loved, bathing ritual.”

Furthermore, it’s been recognized that they need more than just a “manly” package to show them the importance of skincare and beauty products made for men. “We are creating a future where customers don’t have to worry about the safety and efficacy of beauty products,” Evan Zhao, Co-Founder and CEO of Revela, says. “We deserve truth, not just pretty packaging.” Zhao has made an effort to create a transparent and scientifically backed line of products.

These thoughts have led men to start looking into the very foundation of skin and beauty products and exploring the idea that there are products that can benefit their skin based on their needs. When asked how Caldera + Lab came up with their products, Co-Founder Jared Pobre simply responded “All of the ingredients have been carefully chosen for their natural efficacy in treating the kinds of issues that I had and that other men often grapple with.”

Companies are Doing the Work for Men

It’s no secret that most men are not a fan of shopping in stores. In fact, recent studies by the marketing team at AdGlow, have shown that “84.3 % of men buy online, compared with 77 % of women”. So how does this affect the beauty and skincare industry for men? Companies that bring the beauty and skincare aisle to their doorstep with just a few clicks are becoming more popular each day. AdGlow goes on to say that “Men are information seekers, research each product they want in depth and look at all the features of the product” and how keeping that in mind can benefit a brand

Companies such as Kinder Beauty offer products “For as little as $23 dollars a month, our customers get between $75 and $165 worth of products delivered to their doors”, says CEO Andrew Bernstein. “Our aim is and will always be to help make the shopping experience easier for ethical beauty consumers” Bernstein has recognized the need for products to be selected for individuals based on their needs. Rather than having to scroll or browse through hundreds of products while trying to understand the science and benefits of each, men can subscribe to these boxes to find great products that they can try out before committing and creating a routine with staple products and have that information and research provided to them - saving valuable time and money in the process!

Men are Seeing the Value of the Beauty and Skincare Industry

While it is not a new concept for men to be involved in the upper levels of the beauty and skincare industry, they are starting to recognize how these products could be valuable for men like them. “I have made it my personal mission, coming from the hair side, to change the stigma of the nail industry” said  David A. DiLorenzo, President of Valentino Beauty Pure, “We are in a contact sport; the more consumers you speak to, the better chances you have at bat.” In a similar tone, Aidan Cole, CEO of HIDE says to “Find individuals within your industry that actually matter and study them.” adding that after you find these individuals that can help you gain insight into the industry, you should “Listen to them.''

Men’s Beauty Involves More Than You Think

When we think of beauty and skincare products, we typically think of an aisle in a store or even a specific brand’s website where they sell creams, serums, or makeup products. However, Men’s beauty and skincare options are breaking the boundaries of what we typically imagine within this industry.

First up for discussion is plastic surgery. Plastic surgery doesn’t always mean going under the knife. Some men opt to go to a plastic surgeon to reduce excessive sweating. “Botox, believe it or not, can cut it out,” Doctor Robert Applebaum, owner of Robert Applebaum, M.D. says. “We’re going to eliminate it with a quick 10 minute procedure.”

An issue many men face that doesn’t occur as frequently within women’s beauty and skincare topics is the loss of hair. “When it comes to hair, many people wonder how others are able to maintain their hairlines, fullness and thickness in their hair,” says Jae Pak, Founder of Jae Pak M.D. Medical “Hair transplant surgeries have helped thousands get natural looking results for the long term, rather than just fixing the problem short term with hats, hair care products, or gimmicks.”

What about more natural skincare lines? Women aren’t the only ones who prefer to avoid certain ingredients but still want to maintain healthy skin while helping the environment. “[This technology] is a more progressive and more sustainable approach to beauty formulations,” says Sheila Chaiban, CEO of One Ocean Beauty. “It goes beyond clean and green beauty. Biotechnology allows us to offer solutions that are clean, safe, sustainable, and proven to be efficacious. It is a real fusion of nature and science.”

Men’s Beauty Involves More Than You Think

The future of men’s skincare and beauty products seem to be taking a leap towards technological innovation and renewed thinking about the subject. With projections looking as they do, it will be interesting to see where these various forms of  men’s skincare and beauty products venture next!