Why Private Aviation is the Key for Travel Recovery

Why Private Aviation is the Key for Travel Recovery

As commercial aviation slowly plans to regain its pre-pandemic shape, it is no secret that frequent commercial travelers still have concerns about the overall safety of their flight. Others do not have the luxury of waiting, a fact that has played in favor of private aviation operations during the pandemic, with new passengers transitioning to this segment in search of more reliability and safety.

Safety is paramount. When flying private passengers will avoid public terminals and busy TSA lines, will be able to choose who the fly with, crew wear masks and is regularly checked, and they will receive a unique and tailored treatment. Impeccable customer service and long-term client relationships are the pillars of private aviation.

Some top hotel chains around the globe, which relied heavily on commercial aviation in the past, are trying to find ways to restore demand. Partnering with private jet companies has been a recent trend pursued by hotels to reduce the uncertainty surrounding travel to their locations.

Never in the past have hotels had to endure this type of headache affecting commercial aviation, one of their key partners. And as hotels are opening to business with restrictions being lifted in diverse regions, uncertainty remains in the air travel industry.

One of the notable recent partnerships between a hotel with global presence and a private jet company was registered in early July, when Karisma Hotels & Resorts signed a partnership agreement with Fort Lauderdale-based Monarch Air Group for clients departing from selected U.S. cities to the hotel’s property in Mexico.

Monarch Air Group President, David Gitman, said, “The travel industry as a whole has been affected by the pandemic, and we all have to play a part for its swift and sustainable recovery. Thanks to its flexibility, private aviation is able to support safe operations to any destination. This partnership with Karisma Hotels & Resorts will allow clients to rediscover air travel in a safe and exclusive way, while also experiencing top-notch service and enjoying the paradise vibe of arguably the most beautiful beach in the world”. 

Bill Linehan, President of Premier Worldwide Marketing, the exclusive sales and marketing representatives for Karisma Hotels & Resorts, added, “We're seeing a strong demand for luxury travel and fun family getaways, which is why we're prioritizing partnerships that ease travel concerns and allow guests to keep this important family time on the books. Monarch Air Group allows us to introduce the option of private jet travel with special member pricing to prioritize safety, convenience, and an enjoyable door-to-door travel experience that sets the tone for a great, memorable vacation."

With new realities of travel in place, passengers are more concerned with safety, privacy, hygiene, and flexibility. All the previous variables are reduced to a minimum with private aviation, which allow passengers to depart and land at private terminals, and choose their travel companions, lowering the uncertainty and allowing clients to fully enjoy the experience. Hotel and private air partnerships will play a key role moving forward in the overall recovery of the travel industry.

Monarch Air Group and Karisma Hotels & Resorts are pleased to offer an exclusive discount for guests who have booked their next vacation at a Karisma Hotels & Resorts property in Mexico. Book your air travel by August 31, 2020 for applicable discounts.