Why Saint Barthelemy is so Popular with Ultra-luxury Travelers

Why  Saint Barthelemy is so Popular with Ultra-luxury Travelers

“Recent reports of Scott Disick being spotted aboard a luxury yacht in St Barths have brought attention to this well-known, luxury location in the Caribbean.

“New Year’s Eve celebrations at the end of 2023 saw the port of St Barths dazzling with a star-studded row of celebrity superyachts.

“Many of these are owned by some of the most renowned billionaires in the world.
“But what makes this destination so popular with luxury ultra-high net worth travelers, particularly yacht owners?

“Firstly, the island oozes exclusivity and luxury with its strict building codes to preserve the integrity of the island. This often results in a limited number of hotel rooms available. The island also has well-equipped marinas and nautical infrastructure, attracting luxury yacht owners to its shores every year.

“There is also an abundance of stunning white-sand beach coves which are perfect for yacht owners and guests to enjoy. These intimate and serene locations are devoid of bustling crowds but abundant in natural beauty, offering exclusivity and privacy that only the rich and famous can buy.

“When on land, celebrities will feel at ease knowing the island has a reputation for being a safe and secure location where privacy and discretion are respected.

“There is a wealth of luxurious high-end accommodation, designer shops and upscale dining experiences available to ultra-high net worth clients looking for unique and delicious experiences.

“The affluent nightlife culture, along with famous annual events and celebrations is yet another attraction for ultra-high net worth individuals taking part from their superyachts.

“Popular events hosted by the island include New Year’s Eve celebrations, the prestigious St Barths Bucket Regatta and Les Voiles de St Barths to name a few.

“Saint Barthelemy’s is a truly luxurious, naturally beautiful and exciting destination for anyone seeking an ultra-luxury travel experience aboard a yacht. Excitingly, 2024 has a vast array of other top luxury travel destinations to choose from too.”

Article By Kate Kalamaga, Founder, and owner of Tropicalboat Luxury Yacht Charters & Rentals