Why the Yachting Industry is Booming: Royal Yacht International

Why the Yachting Industry is Booming: Royal Yacht International

In the last year, the covid-19 pandemic has demonstrated irrevocable changes in the economy, some for the better, others for worse. However, one industry that saw a massive uptick in sales and activity was the yachting industry. In a class of its own, catering to the elite and one percent, the yacht market is the strongest it’s been in years. The market climbed 45% in the first three months of 2021 compared to the same period the previous year, with brokerage sales in March alone rising 152%, sustained by a wave of first-time buyers.

As yachting has been able to provide a safe and protected bubble, if you will, many looking to travel in style and luxury are opting for private yacht charter in order to comfortably control their environment. One up-and-coming company that is leading the industry with unprecedented success in the last few months is Tommaso Chiabra’s Royal Yacht International.

If you’re in the market for a yacht, whether to charter or to purchase, chances are you’ve heard of Royal Yacht International. With global access to a vast fleet of over 1,400 charter yachts and 6,000 yachts for sale ranging from 70 feet long to 500 feet long, Chiabra’s Royal Yacht International was recently recognized as an industry disruptor just earlier this year after yielding over €100 million in the first quarter of 2021. Moreover, RYI is the current record holder for the quickest sales average, from point of listing on the market to the final sale. Catering to a portfolio of wealthy professionals and individuals, Royal Yacht International’s success is a clear indicator of how the stock market has flourished in the last year. And while 2020 undoubtedly impacted the economy, the struggles and reality of the year also influenced consumer values. In fact, now more than ever, wealthy consumers are placing an emphasis on quality of life, valuing their time and how they spend it. In turn, many have selected yachting as their preferred method of travel.

Royal Yacht International are experts in experiences, the first yacht brokerage to organise luxury adventures instead of a standard yacht charter. Thanks to their broad knowledge of the best cruising areas, from perusing the glacial coastlines of Antarctica in search of an abundance of marine and wildlife, to sailing between the bubbling live volcanoes within the Aeolian Islands. The destination management team at RYI are in a class of their own, dedicated to researching and creating bespoke itineraries for their clients onboard their yachts around the world. Whether it's soaking up the Mediterranean Summer sun in Capri whilst sipping on local Limoncello, scuba diving in the colourful depths of the Maldives or exploring the untouched sandy beaches of French Polynesia. Combine silver-star service with new experiences, enjoy fun sea and shoreside activities by adding a plethora of water toys to your yacht, this is paving the way forward to modern day yacht charter and the opportunities are infinite.

Having established the business just over 10 years ago, Chiabra has since grown Royal Yacht International into a global business with its headquarters in Monaco and offices all over the world, including Florida, Canada, St Barths, London, Spain, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and more. Royal Yacht International were the first yacht brokerage to accept crypto currency as a form of payment for their luxury yacht services, but what really sets Royal Yacht apart from its competition is their deep network of accessibility to an elite selection of vessels, whether for charter or sale. Having grown the business to an international level, Royal Yacht International continues to share the niche world of the yachting lifestyle, with a large stake in the game, as one of the most well-known and respected in the industry.

If you are looking to charter a yacht please contact - charter@royalyacht.it to receive a bespoke selection of yachts available in the destination of your choosing. Should you wish to purchase a yacht please contact - sales@royalyacht.it to receive a bespoke selection of yachts matching your requirements.