Costa Rica: Why Go Now?

Costa Rica: Why Go Now?
Why should travelers visit your destination and your villas right now? What is new and exciting?

From July through December, nearly 130,000 turtle eggs hatch at the wildlife refuge just minutes from Jaco Beach and Los Suenos Resort. Our guests can participate in this hands-on experience by counting and caring for the eggs–and 100 percent of the program's $50 cost pays to continue the wildlife protection efforts.

This is a magical and even transformative experience. Some of our very sophisticated and well-traveled guests find this to be a moving experience, as they contemplate societal changes and possible world events over the turtles' life expectancy of 70 years.

What unique experiences and special access can you provide to your guests outside of the vacation rental villas and condos to make their visit most memorable?

Mead Brown can arrange for private surfing lessons and coaching with Diego and Lisbeth, Costa Rica's male and female surfing champions. Not only are they expert surfers, they are excellent teachers!

How about a private yacht trip to Isla Tortuga and a chef to grill seafood and burgers on the beach with a great Chilean wine? All make for a perfect and memorable afternoon.

For a totally authentic experience, we can arrange a "day on the finca" (farm), personally led by Jhonnathan Gutierrez of the Mead Brown staff. Guests can harvest their own watermelon (in season), meet workers, eat an authentic lunch and then splash around in the waterfall!

What are the most worthwhile sights and activities at your destination?

A leading Spanish newspaper described Costa Rica as "Disneyland for adults". A fantastic natural undisturbed beauty and the closeness of all the adventures – "we are blessed to be where the rainforest meets the beach!"

What are the top restaurants?

El Galeon - La Lanturna – Pili Pili – Lemonzest – two on the resort – and two off.

Which unique shops and boutiques do you recommend?

The Costa Rica Coffee Experience and El Tesoro de Cofre in Jaco are both "must dos."

Have new technologies affected how guests can interact with you?

Trip Advisor gives clients confidence from testimonials of our clients about our ability to provide a seamless and wonderful experience and it also gives them suggestions on what not to miss!!

What are some idiosyncrasies about your destination that visitors should know? Do you have any dos and don'ts for travelers?

You CAN drink the water at the resort! Gratuities are included at restaurants but the Costa Ricans thoughtfully provide a place to include an additional tip!

What are some of the best requests you have fulfilled?

A lawyer for a last minute wedding, a case of Cristal Champagne, special birthday cakes, and all of our guests are surprised by VIP lounge access as they depart San Jose - the perfect finishing touch to a great holiday – no one else does this.

What are some in-room surprises you can provide?

All of our homes have fresh orchids throughout the house…fresh flowers with a twist!!!

Can you give us advice for tipping the Concierge for services rendered?

Our well-paid concierges do not expect or accept tips – their service and expertise are part of the Mead Brown Costa Rica experience.

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