Why You Should Hire a Photographer in Sicily

Why You Should Hire a Photographer in Sicily

A true European gem, Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean located just off the tip of Italy. Its strategic location means that the island experiences an interesting blend of cultures from Greek, Italian, and African traditions. The various historic sites are a testimony to the diversity in the island’s past, and one of the reasons why it can be a good idea to rent a photographer in Sicily for your next vacation. With a local there to help you do your photo shoot, you’re certain to be able to see the best sites to ensure your photographs capture that stunning beauty and charm that make Sicily unique.

In the Shadow of a Volcano

The island of Sicily is home to one of the most impressive volcanoes in Europe: Mount Etna. Don’t let the volcano scare you away from planning you’re trip to Sicily; in fact, Mount Etna is also one of the top attractions of the island with ski resorts near the top, numerous trails around the base of the volcano, and endless opportunities for stunning photographs. If you rent a photographer in Sicily, they can help guide you to the best places for photos based on the time of year you visit so you can capture the majestic beauty of the mountain in your vacation pictures.


Archaeology and History

While you can find modern cities and contemporary vibes on Sicily, the island is also famous for its numerous historic sites. The Valley of the Temples is one of the most popular of these with numerous temples dating back to Greek and Byzantine times. You can also tour the Parco Archeologico della Neapolis which is known for having one of the largest constructed Greek amphitheaters. Another great place to visit is the coastal site of Ortygia; the impressive church and archaeological ruins are great places to get some photos and enjoy the view out over the Mediterranean.

Sicily coastline

Explore the Capital

The historic city of Palermo is the capital of Sicily and could be a vacation by itself. The Palermo Archaeological Museum is a good place to start your exploration which displays numerous examples of ancient artifacts found around the various sites of the island. Art lovers will enjoy visiting the Chappella Palatina, a royal chapel dating back to Byzantine times with impressive mosaics decorating the interior. All around Palermo you’ll find great places to take photographs as well as book tours and activities around other parts of the island.

From the historic UNESCO World Heritage Sites to the stunning volcanic landscape, Sicily is a travel destination unlike any other. To make sure this beauty is preserved in your vacation photos, you can rent a photographer like the ones from Localgrapher who not only can offer their skills as a professional photographer, but who can also give you a local’s insight about the best places to visit on the island. Whether you’re traveling together for a romantic honeymoon, coming for a solo trip to take a break from work, or planning a fun family summer vacation, Sicily is ready-made for an exciting and meaningful adventure.