Wild Luxury: Ker & Downey Africa Receives Prestigious Award for Safari Mastery

Wild Luxury: Ker & Downey Africa Receives Prestigious Award for Safari Mastery

Ker & Downey® Africa has deservedly been selected by Luxury Lifestyle Awards for Best Luxury Safari Tour Operator in South Africa, 2023. This award is in recognition of the company's loyalty to providing luxury travel across the African continent.

Founded in the 1940s, Ker & Downey® Africa has been a forerunner in crafting personalized luxury safaris that transcend the ordinary. Their dedication to challenging perceptions, fostering connections, and leaving a lasting positive legacy has been the cornerstone of their success.

General Manager Sarah Morris expressed her gratitude, saying, "Receiving this esteemed accolade proves our team's relentless dedication to curating exceptional and enveloping experiences for our travelers. It's an honor to be recognized by the Luxury Lifestyle Awards."

With a legacy spanning over 25 years, Ker & Downey® Africa continues to set the benchmark for bespoke safari experiences. "Ker & Downey® Africa is a premier luxury safari company, known for seamlessly blending opulence with authentic wildlife encounters," said Morris. "Our goal is to provide luxury and personalization in every experience, whether it's exclusive wildlife encounters in the Serengeti or private hot-air balloon safaris over the Okavango Delta."

Notably, the company's commitment to responsible tourism remains steadfast. A percentage of each booking contributes to various local community development and wildlife preservation projects across Southern and Eastern Africa.

Ker Downey balloon safari

"At Ker & Downey® Africa, our ethos goes beyond luxury; it's about fostering sustainable tourism practices and supporting the communities we encounter," Morris emphasized.

Every Ker & Downey® Africa itinerary is meticulously crafted to meet individual needs, ensuring no two safaris are alike. From private wilderness retreats to immersive conservation experiences, Ker & Downey® Africa offers a myriad of adventures that connect travelers with Africa in unforgettable ways.

For more information on Ker & Downey® Africa and their bespoke safari experiences, visit https://ker-downeyafrica.com/