Winter Sun at Thanda Island, Tanzania

Winter Sun at Thanda Island, Tanzania

Amidst the winter's desire for warmth and rejuvenation, Thanda Island offers the perfect retreat for those seeking paradise during the colder months. Tucked away in Tanzania's Shungimbili Island Marine Reserve, Thanda Island invites visitors to enjoy unparalleled luxury, privacy and endless activities whilst basking in the dreamy winter temperatures of 30 degrees Celsius. Despite its remoteness, the Island is remarkably accessible via a 20-minute luxurious helicopter transfer from mainland Tanzania. Offering a haven of exclusive luxury, ultimate privacy and unparalleled natural beauty, this private island is the perfect winter escape for wanderlust-stricken travellers.

Thanda Island houses a spacious five-suite villa with gym, patio, infinity pool and library, and two authentic and recently revamped beach chalets (Tanzanian bandas) just a few steps away from the main villa. The island is complete with a tennis court, ocean-front yoga pavilion, helipad, helicopter, Sea Lion super yacht and a fully equipped boat house where guests can chose enjoy water-skiing, cannoning, paddle boarding, jet skiing and much more – making it a perfect destination for family members of all ages. Set in a world of exclusive-use luxury, where possibilities are limitless and the ordinary is left behind, guests on this island paradise might just feel as if they're the sole inhabitants of the planet.

Acting as a gateway to East Africa, Thanda is the perfect location for discovering a variety of cultures and experience. With an array of offerings, guests can enjoy scuba diving with the East African Coast’s rich marine life, enjoy a bird’s eye view with a tour in Thanda’s own helicopter, relax in the traditional copper bath on the most secluded nook of the island, embark on a deep sea-fishing expedition or dive with whale sharks – one of the most emotional and spectacular ocean encounters. Beyond Thanda Island's shores, a world of exploration awaits. A brief journey to Zanzibar unveils the island's storied history as a hub for the spice trade. Delve into the past with a visit to the old city of Stone Town. Alternatively, an excursion to Dar Es Salaam, the bustling harbour capital of Tanzania, unveils the mainland's cultural richness. Marvel at the lively markets and soak in the vibrant mix of architectural styles that paint the cityscape.

Meaning 'love' in the Zulu language, this soulful destination is deeply committed to preserving the surrounding environment and uplifting the local community. The Whale Shark Citizen Science Programme enables guests to join Thanda’s very own marine biologist Rianne Laan, on an underwater adventure to collect vital identification data on the species, whilst also supporting on coral regeneration projects – protecting and restoring Indian Ocean’s pristine marine life, one step at a time. Committed to making a positive impact on the local community, Thanda Island takes pride in its workforce, with more than 75% of its staff hailing from the nearby Mafia Island. The island's owners actively contribute to educational initiatives that motivate children to pursue their aspirations and embrace a wholesome lifestyle. This support is channeled through the newly established NGO, Star for Life Tanzania.

Rates start from $33,000 (approx. £28,000 per night) per night. Minimum stay five nights. For more information, visit