Workout in the Wild with COMO Hotels and Resorts

Workout in the Wild with COMO Hotels and Resorts

The past few months have seen us spend more time inside than ever before, and it’s reignited an adoration for the great outdoors. Taking our workouts from treadmill to tarmac has showcased the holistic benefits of outdoor exercise, from reducing stress and boosting mental health, to providing a welcome break from screen time. As we turn to look for longer-haul destinations, COMO Hotels and Resorts inspires guests to continue exercising alfresco in some of the world’s most compelling destinations; whether it’s diving color-rich reefs in Western Australia, hiking the Bhutanese Himalayas or learning to surf in Bali.

Pranayama in Paradise
COMO Cocoa Island

‘Sunlight is the most intuitive source of vitamin D’ says COMO Shambhala Expert, Lisa Manser. ‘It contributes to the maintenance of strong, healthy bones, muscles and immune functions.’ Where better, then, to practice pranayama, yoga and meditation than a Maldivian island? Yoga has been used as a workout for the body and mind for centuries and incorporates breathing and meditation techniques to increase flexibility, tone and reduce stress. Take in uninterrupted vistas of the Indian Ocean as you deepen your yoga practice with a private lesson. From experts to beginners, COMO experts can tailor a practice that can be incorporated into daily lifestyle and caters to each client’s specific needs. COMO Cocoa Island is set to reopen in September with a renewed focus on its holistic wellbeing concept, COMO Shambhala Retreat, giving guests more time and space to focus on their wellbeing.

Surfing Bali’s Best Breaks
COMO Uma Canggu

Anchored by a swathe of dark volcanic sand, Canggu is Bali’s premier surfing neighborhood, famed for its bohemian vibe, casual café scene and striking sunsets. Whether a boarding beginner or a surf aficionado, take to the waves with COMO Uma Canggu’s on-property partner, Tropicsurf. Learn the fundamentals of the board, practice your balance at the hotel’s Lagoon Pool and head to some of the countries’ most sought-after breaks with your guide. After a day on the board, relax with a tension-releasing treatment at the COMO Shambhala Retreat, or enjoy the world-famous sunset at the hip COMO Beach Club.

Diving in Western Australia
COMO The Treasury

The past few months have seen us stay inside more than ever before, and Lisa emphasizes the importance of easing monotony and taking time out – ‘going outdoors offers physical separation from your internal routine. It’s a clean break from life in the office or home.’ Those looking for a quarantine-quashing adventure should head to Australia’s wonderous West Coast, home to COMO The Treasury. Gateway to the wild lures of Western Australia, the hotel offers exploration of Rottnest Island, an off-grid slice of paradise famed for its rich wildlife. Charter a private yacht and snorkel the clear waters in search of colourful marine life, from tropical fish to Bottlenose Dolphins. If you’re there for long enough, rub shoulders with the island’s native quokka – furry, bear-like animals that roam Rottnest freely.

Hiking in the Himalayas
COMO Uma Paro

‘Spending time outdoors is good for you, and this is especially true in green environments where natural landscapes have a soothing effect on our mind and bodies.’ says Lisa, who recommends we all spend time outside every day, regardless of the type of exercise - simply walking in nature can enhance mental positivity. In the heart of Bhutan – where religion and nature have come together in a compelling Buddhist culture – join COMO Uma Paro on a guided adventure to the iconic Taktsang ‘Tiger’s Nest’ Monastery. Wind through pine forests and mist-shrouded hillside as you hike through the compelling Paro Valley. Though steep at times, the path is well-trodden, and the destination is worth the hike – perched 3,000 meters above the valley, Tiger’s Nest is a marvel of architecture and, arguably, the most iconic landmark in Bhutan.

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