World's Most Amazing Spa Experiences

World's Most Amazing Spa Experiences

The world is incredible but it can also be relaxing if you know where to look! We are fortunate to have many amazing spa destinations to share with some of the most soothing, stunning experiences we could think of to brighten up your mood as you take a moment to read this and CHILL....


Immerse yourself in the extraordinary at the Geosea Sea Baths (pictured), where Iceland's natural wonders converge to create an unforgettable experience. Nestled on the Arctic Ocean's edge, these baths offer a blend of geothermal warmth and invigorating sea air, set against a backdrop of dramatic coastal vistas. As you relax in the mineral-rich waters, keep an eye out for the possibility of encountering majestic whales breaching in the nearby ocean, adding an unexpected thrill to your soothing retreat. With its unique combination of healing waters and the chance to witness marine giants, the Geosea Sea Baths promise a truly remarkable journey into Iceland's pristine wilderness.


Well, this isn't actually a spa but a totally unique wellness experience on the island of Ambae. Here, there is a place where you can get a massage on a customary mat IN the sea over volcano hot springs- the sea here is 40+ degrees Celsius also!


The Four Seasons Resort Maldives at Landaa Giraavaru wraps you up in a cozy white outfit as you embark on the Om Supti Spa Ritual that takes place at night under the stars in their private jungle spa. Begin with a deeply relaxing massage, a soak in an aromatic bath in an outdoor stone tub and then swing yourself to sleep on a lullaby chair before retreating to bed.


Become one with fresh crisp air and natural surroundings at the Arctic Bath Hotel with its Sami culture-inspired spa featuring traditional foods and unique elements such as the songs of reindeer herders, herb-infused treatments in tents and ice cold plunges followed by steaming hot saunas.


Onsens are a significant part of Japanese culture and there is a beautiful array of locations where onsens abound, these bubbling therapeutic mineral waters can be found indoor and outdoor and are used for both hygiene and revitalization, with many springs said to have natural healing powers for a variety of ailments. And, if you really want to take it to the limit, try the world's one and only sand bath where seekers are buried in black sand while geothermally heated spa spring waters flow, bringing the temperature up to 55 degrees Celsius!


This dazzling mysterious country is famed for its hammam experiences. Inspired by the Roman baths of centuries past, these signature experiences often include exfoliating body scrubs followed by detoxifying wraps before ending with soothing massages with locally produced Argan Oil.