Ariana Sustainable Luxury Lodge - Cappadocia, Turkey

Located atop the Uchisar Valley, Ariana Sustainable Luxury Lodge offers‘ you a completely unique perspective of Cappadocia; a land that witnessed the rise of the first civilizations in world history.

Cappadocia lies in the heart of Ancient Anatolia, one of the cradles of human civilization. Here, the earliest cities in world history appeared, about 5000 BC. Today, new archaeological discoveries suggest the ancient civilized cities date back to ‘12000 BC. Eastern Anatolia hosts some of the most important archaeological digs currently being undertaken anywhere‘ in the world, representing a major shift in our‘ understanding of man's early history.

Our luxury suites are exquisitely decorated with‘ an inviting ambiance to transform your stay into a one of a kind experience. All of our suites offer the perfect blend of contemporary comfort and luxuriously appointed style.

Along with Ancient Mesopotamia and Anatolia, many cultures around the world have interesting myths about the Sun and the Moon, reflecting their importance in all our lives. Arinna was one of the most important solar deities of the Hittite pantheon. She was perceived to be a paramount chthonic or earth goddess.


Nevsehir Airport (NAV)

Airport Distance

30 minutes

High Season

May through October