Hinanoza - Kushiro, Japan - Boutique Spa Resort

Rooms & Suites: 25

Hina means countryside in ancient Japanese. At Hinanoza you will have the relaxed feeling as if you are at home in the countryside.

Hinanoza features 25 rooms; each has a different design and decor. Hinanoza is located at the lakeside hot spring area of Lake Akan National Park, the oldest National Park in Hokkaido. Hinanoza has 25 rooms; each room with different designs, furnishings and decor. The rooms include all modern comforts yet remain in the traditional Japanese style. Tennoza has four rooms including a spacious Japanese tatami room, living room, outdoor spa and seperate bedroom with a superb view of Lake Akan. Mizuuminoza also offers four rooms with an open plan design with tatami room, living room, outdoor spa and separate bedroom. Kazenoza features eight rooms, with outdoor spa and separate bedroom. All three rooms at Kasuminoza have lake views from Japanese tatami room, living room and outdoor Spa. All six rooms of Morinoza face the mountain side and also feature outdoor spa and separate bedroom. Hinanoza offers two public baths; from the seventh floor spa guests can enjoy a view of Lake Akan and the natural dense forest, while the sixth floor spa offers a view of the mountains. In addition to those public baths, Hinanoza provides a heated rock bath. Lay on a heated rock bed, the gentle warmth will help relax the body.

Trip Type

Romantic Getaway


Kushiro Airport (KUH)

Airport Distance

90 minutes

High Season

May through October