Kayotei - Kaga, Ishikawa, Japan - Japanese Ryokan Luxury Inn

Rooms & Suites: 10 Rooms

A traditional family-owned inn of 10 rooms, the exquisite Kayotei Ryokan sets the standard for Japanese ryokans.

The inn is set amidst natural forest preserved in its original state by Mr. Kamiguchi, the innkeeper, and the hospitality is warm, charming, and unobtrusive. Flower arrangements, fine furniture, and the owner's personal collection of fine antiques contribute to the intimate atmosphere. A study in Japanese minimalism, the elegant hot spring overlooks the forest and provides the perfect place for meditation.

The 10-room inn is set amidst a natural forest that the owner, Mr. Kamiguchi, has preserved in its original state. Carefully placed works of art and antiques add to the feeling of being in someone's private home. The simply designed hot spring overlooks the forest and provides the perfect place for meditation.

The staff at the Kayotei regard their mission as providing a "seat" for the very best of local art, culture and nature. Designed in the sukiya style of a tea cottage from the Muromachi Period (1333-1573), and graced with very subtle decorative touches, the Kayotei inn mixes antique tansu chests of drawers, low polished oak tables, hand-painted screens, traditional ceramic pieces and modern sculptural designs. There are two indoor communal baths sourced from natural hot springs. The baths are splendidly glassed in on three sides, providing guests with onsen views of natural forest sceneries.

Trip Type

Romantic Getaway


The inn's 10 sukiya suites are arranged in the traditional style of a tea ceremony pavilion. With the sukiya style at its most discreet and understated elegance, the Kayotei offers exquisite intimate spaces influenced by the West in a nature setting known for inspiring the pearls of a haiku poet.


The Kayotei inn is set at the beginning of a lovely walking trail following the perimeter of Kakusen Gorge, about a half-hour south of Kanazawa. Along the path is a thatched arbor dedicated to Haiku poet Basho Matsuo, who wrote of these trees and skies and waters in the 1600s.


Yamanaka Onsen is a hot spring town located far west of Tokyo and nearly on the Sea of Japan. The Buddhist priest Gyoki first discovered Yamanaka's hot spring waters over a thousand years ago. In the 1970s, after years of consideration and study with an architect, craftsman, and a chef, the Kayotei inn was opened.


Komatsu Airport (KMQ)

Airport Distance

30 minutes

High Season

May, June, July, August, September, October