Kishoan - Matsumoto, Nagano, Japan

Rooms & Suites: 12

From outside Kishoan looks like a Modern Art Gallery, and once you're inside you feel as though you are in a gallery, with local artist's work on display along the corridor to welcome you.

The room concepts were created by a modern architect who also utilized the traditional Japanese style of Shoin, a residential construction style from old days. Every room reflects the concept of the mixture of the modern design and traditional construction style, inviting guests into a relaxed and harmonious atmosphere. Kishoan is situated in Matsumoto, a city located in the Nagano Prefecture, Japan. Matsumoto is designated as a Special City, cities with large populations. A main tourist attraction in the city is Matsumoto Castle, built more than 400 years ago. It is also called Crow Castle because of its black appearance. Kishoan consists of nine standard Japanese style rooms, a Japanese style room with second bedroom, 12 Japanese style rooms with outdoor spa, three Japanese style rooms with outdoor spa and terrace and a VIP Japanese Style room.

Trip Type

Romantic Getaway, Spa & Wellness