Longitude 131 - Ayers Rock, Australia - Exclusive Luxury Tented Camp

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Rooms & Suites: 15

The Aborigines have always known that Uluru (Ayers Rock) was a special place. It is the focus of Dreamtime and it truly is one of the most extraordinary and emotionally moving places on Earth.

Depending on the time of day and the atmospheric conditions, the world's largest monolith can dramatically change colour, from blue to glowing red as it stands in awesome isolation in the flowering desert. It would have to be a special hotel that made its home here and Longitude 131º is precisely that. It is a luxury tented sanctuary. Fifteen individual tents give guests the feeling of being part of the desert, but inside each are palatial beds, air conditioning and every amenity you would expect in a five star hotel. With a pool and an unrivalled restaurant, this is as far from camping as you can get. But best of all, are the private views of the sun rising and setting on Uluru.


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Trip Type

Adventure/Eco/Nature, Business Meeting, Romantic Getaway


Ayers Rock Airport (AYQ)

Airport Distance

20 minutes