Mateya Safari Lodge - Madikwe Game Reserve, North West, South Africa

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Rooms & Suites: 5

In the northern reaches of the place now known as Southern Africa, there ruled a kind and caring queen, her name, Queen Mateya. In these parts there was a terrible drought. The queen was informed by her messengers of the powerful Queen of Modjadji (the one that controls rain).

Queen Mateya decided she should seek out the Queen of Modjadji to ask her to bring them rain so that her people should suffer no more. Queen Mateya commanded her work-smiths to make the most exquisite necklace that she would give as a gift to the Rain Queen.

Upon Queen Mateya's journey through the wild lands of Africa to find the Rain Queen (there was no email or internet let alone telephones then) she set up camp in the area now known as the Madikwe and built a kraal from stone and other materials she found in the area.

After many months Queen Mateya found the Queen of Modjadji and presented her with the exquisite jewel encrusted necklace. She then left on the long journey back to her kingdom. The rains had already begun in her kingdom, the fields were rejuvenated and Queen Mateya's people were happy once again.

Unfortunately the legend goes that Queen Mateya never made it back to her people, and the Queen of Modjadji was never relayed the information of the wonderful life saving rain she had created.

Mateya Safari Lodge now stands testament to this legend, built essentially from materials found in the Madikwe reserve by a most caring, kind, and ecologically sensitive team of individuals. It is here that you will find the very essence of nature.


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