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Rooms & Suites: 7

Singita Sasakwa Lodge is one of three Singita lodges in this enormous private concession (340 000 acres), which means that you'll have this wild stretch of Africa all to yourself.

Sasakwa Lodge is built in the style of an Edwardian manor house. Stone walls, deep verandas, high ceilings, stately furniture, silverware and ornamental pieces complete the picture. Each cottage has a private infinity-edge pool overlooking 'where the land stretches to forever'. The bedrooms with inviting four-posters are beautifully appointed, displaying typical African influences with touches of wood, leather and grass, alongside crisp linens, imported chandeliers and hand-crafted furniture. "The moon rises swiftly over the Seregenti. My fiancé and I sip our evening cocktails and watch in awe as it peeks over the horizon and then ascends to its full splendor in the East African sky. We nestle back into our couch on the broad terrace of Sasakwa Lodge and marvel at the savannah that stretches out before us. Situated along the northwestern corridor of Serengeti National Park, Singita Grumeti Reserves – Tanzania's premier ecotourism resort - consists of 340,000 privately managed acres. Wildlife, incognizant of man's borders, roams freely between the park and the reserve. Guests at Grumeti can observe the many birds and large mammals of the East African plains and woodlands, without the crowds of safari-goers that overrun many national parks. Each of its three properties – Sasakwa Lodge, Faru Faru River Lodge, and Sabora Plains Tented Lodge – offer guests a rare intimacy with the natural world. This is Africa as we imagine it: wild, beautiful, and teeming with wildlife. Zebras and gazelles convene to graze peacefully together on the long savannah grasses. Lone topi stand proudly at attention under acacia trees. A graceful cheetah and her two cubs shade themselves, awaiting darkness. The adventure begins with a flight from the more populated east. The journey is a reminder of Grumeti’s compelling remoteness, and an opportunity to assess the lay of the land. The shrublike, flat-topped acacia dominates the landscape, speckling the brown earth with patches of green. One wonders where the water come from that renders this place so verdant and full of life. My fiancé and I catch our first glimpse of buffalo, elephants, and even migrating wildebeest – thousands of which pass by the lodges in June and July each year. Upon arriving at Grumeti's private airstrip, we are greeted by Aloyce, a Tanzanian with a gentle smile and refined manners. He is to be our guide for the week. Aloyce's seemingly unlimited knowledge of the reserve and its wildlife is matched only by his unbridled eagerness to help us explore. We quickly learn that at Singita Grumeti Reserves, privacy and attentive service find the perfect balance. We climb into a covered land rover with open sides. Our guide hands us each a welcome gift: a wildebeest tail attached to a beaded handle; an ornate fly swatter that later proved its efficacy. Aloyce explains that in East Africa, this item is typically the property of a tribal chief. He adds with a shy but confident grin: “Here at Grumeti, we treat our guests like chiefs.” With Aloyce behind the wheel, we make our way up the hill upon which Sasakwa, the crown jewel of the Grumeti properties, sits majestically. At its elevated location, Sasakwa provides panoramic views of the surrounding plains. Of the three lodges, it also hosts the lion’s share of non-safari activities, as it is home to both the equestrian center and tennis courts. Visits to all three properties highlight the appeal of each. Sasakwa, slightly removed from the savannah, reigns from its stately height. At Faru Faru, cottages are nestled into the landscape. A crackling fire pit and warm, glowing lamps keep at bay the bugs that are inseparable from safari life. Never straying from the luxury that comes with the Singita name, ceiling to floor glass windows make up an entire wall of each cottage, providing guests with a unparalleled views of passing wildlife. Sabora Plains tented camp was under renovation during our visit, but it was not a stretch to imagine that in its romantic, Hemingway-inspired setting, as in those of its counterparts, fine wine, outstanding cuisine, excellent service, and the rising moon are never far away." ©2007 Luxury Travel Magazine. Written by Alison Milbury for Luxury Travel Magazine, March 2007.

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Sasakwa Lodge, the flagship of the Grumeti Reserves is set high on a hill above the rolling plains of the Serengeti with awe-inspiring views. With its elegant architecture and furnishings, it's reminiscent of the early 1920's. At Sasakwa, each of the seven cottages is situated within the privacy of a beautifully landscaped garden, with heated infinity plunge pools, lounge, and spacious bedroom. Set high above the savannah, an elegant space with long, sweeping verandahs and classy lounges brimming with antiques. Sasakwa Lodge offers guests a refined, elegant dining experience, in keeping with the concept of a manor home experience. Menu items are traditional and presented with great creativity and flair. Enjoy fine cuisine in the beautiful dining room where shimmering silver candelabras, sparkling crystal and traditional china compliment the mighty backdrop of the African bush. Afternoon tea is served in the garden room while evening cocktails can be enjoyed in the romantic bar and lounge area.


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Grumeti Reserves is located adjacent to the Western Corridor of the Serengeti, bordering the national park, and encompasses 400,000 acres of unrivalled wilderness. The area forms part of the famous migratory route, which is traveled by hundreds of thousands of animals every year. Loping herds of wildebeest and topi mingle with hundreds of zebra, a pride of lion dozes unperturbed beneath an umbrella tree, whilst a herd of elephant wander slowly through the woodland. Guests can experience all the wildlife Africa has to offer with game drives and walks.

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