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Tauck connects people and places in more than 110 destinations, offering premier travel guided by knowledgeable Tauck Directors and local experts. Tauck means choice – travel that appeals to different tastes and varying schedules.


For 86+ years Tauck has been perfecting the art of escorted travel that tells the story of places visited, for lovers of food, wine, art, history and cultures. Our destinations circle the globe in North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and New Zealand, offering outstanding accommodations, caring service and many small group options averaging 24 guests. more info


Tauck's club-like riverboats sail comfortably along Europe’s waterways for travel that maximizes the cultural experience – ashore as well as onboard. All-included shore excursions, evening entertainment and regional dining for no more than 118 guests per ship translate into travel that is enriching and relaxed. more info


Sailing aboard gracious yachts and expeditionary ships, Tauck explores both culture and nature visiting places where larger vessels cannot go. In hidden harbors and small ports, travelers experience all-included sightseeing excursions and time at leisure in exquisite settings. Destinations include Iceland, the Baltics, the Aegean and Mediterranean, the Panama Canal, the Galápagos, Antarctica... more info


Designed for families, Tauck makes sharing the world with children, parents and grandparents a family adventure that is stress-free and full of fun. Doing, seeing and learning take center stage in our thoughtfully designed programs that focus on culture and nature. Destinations include Europe, North America, Latin America and Africa. more info


Small group travel averaging 20 guests; hands-on doing – not just sightseeing; off-the-beaten path exploration; boutique hotels; cultural immersion; travel with a smaller footprint; walking and biking options – these are the trademarks of Culturious travel with Tauck. Eight-day trips drill down for travel that is transformational in Tuscany, the Veneto, the Loire Valley, the Four Corners, Yellowstone, Costa Rica... more info


These one-of-a-kind travel experiences are centered on an event of history, sports or culture. Tauck combines the perfect mix of sightseeing in small groups, in-depth visits to key places, noted speakers in special venues, and stays at some of the area’s finest accommodations. Evenings are capped by gala dinners that bring a larger group together to hear a keynote address or enjoy a special performance in an exclusive setting (a museum, movie studio, racetrack, etc.) that highlights the event's theme. more info

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