White Desert - Antarctica - Luxury Camp

White Desert flies you into the interior of Antarctica for an experience that is as luxurious as it is adventurous.

Founded by record-breaking polar explorer, Patrick Woodhead, and wife Robyn, White Desert prides itself on revealing the real Antarctica to its guests, whilst ensuring a tailored experience that accommodates even the most discerning traveller’s needs. With genuine polar explorers as guides, thrill-seekers can learn to high-line between two ice peaks, rock climb and trek through mazes of iridescent blue ice grottos. For those seeking a more relaxed trip, guests can indulge in culinary excellence prepared by White Desert’s resident chef Justine Lindsey (Lewis Hamilton’s private chef) and enjoy visits to world renowned science bases and trail walks to penguin colonies.

The camp underwent a stunning refurbishment in 2016 for its 10 year anniversary, which saw it fitted with heated fibreglass sleeping pods, a lounge pod with library, and a custom-designed dining room complete with fur lined chairs. Adding new upgrades to its already impressive list of amenities, White Desert will offer guests a brand new washroom and a refurbished reception pod for the 2017/2018 season.

The camp operates a ‘zero-impact policy’ and has been fully carbon neutral since 2007, running predominantly on renewable energy. In early 2017, White Desert was shortlisted for two Environmental Impact Awards. It has been an active member of IAATO since 2007 and Robyn Woodhead now sits on the association’s Executive Committee.