10 Expert Travel Tips for a Smooth Business Trip

10 Expert Travel Tips for a Smooth Business Trip

Whether your business travels take you around the US or leave the country entirely, you want your business trip to go as smoothly as possible.

For your trip to be successful, you must be punctual, well-rested, and well-dressed. While you can't control outside factors like airline companies, you can ensure you are prepared for every scenario.

Read our guide for a smooth business trip.

Have All the Necessary Documents

Preparing all necessary documents is the first step to ensuring an uneventful trip. Traveling inside the US, you will be asked to show a government-issued identification card. Your ID card can be:

  • Driver's license
  • Passport
  • Permanent resident card
  • Veteran health identification card

If you happen to be traveling outside of the US for your business trips, you must show your password. Depending on the country of your business trip, a visa could also be a requirement.

Create copies of these important documents and keep them separate. Store these documents in a sturdy, light waterproof folder. For your cards, including credit cards, use an RFID card holder and keep them on your person at all times. These card holders protect your cards from damage and unwanted RFID scanning.

Prepared Carry-on

Unfortunately, lost luggage is a prevalent part of traveling. You don't want to be left without a change of clothes and toiletries because the airline lost your checked-in bag. That is why keeping a supply of essentials in your carry-on is recommended.

Even if you are going on a day trip, including extra clothing and toiletries in your hand luggage is a good idea. If something were to happen to your clothes, you'd still be ready for the business meeting without missing a step.

Check-in Online

Instead of getting to the airport hours early and wading through crowds of people only to check in, take the easier route. Use technology to your advantage, and check in on your airline's website or the official app.

That way, you will avoid standing in long lines and worrying about getting to your gate in time.

Keep Your Technology Charged

We live in a world where most of our lives depend on technology. If you are a traveling professional, your phone and laptop are just as crucial as your plane ticket, and the battery percentage of both is something you should have in mind.

Keep your chargers close so you can plug them in whenever you are near a power outlet. You should get power banks to ensure that your laptop and phone are always ready to go. They are portable, so even if you run out of battery without an outlet, you will still be able to connect and work.

Use the Same Airline

You can ensure a more leisurely trip when you know what to expect. Flying with the same airline for all of your business travels guarantees that. Airlines usually use the same gate or at least gates that are near each other.

You will save time and stress if you know where to park, check-in, and find your departure lounge. Using the same airline also provides great perks due to frequent flying miles.

Prepare for International Travel

If your business trip takes you to a foreign country, there are specific steps you need to take to ensure you will have a smooth journey. Aside from having your passport and visa, you should always have a certain amount of cash in the local currency.

You should also arrange your transport to the hotel, and if you can, to the meeting location. Another good idea is to download the map to the city you are traveling to so that it will be available even offline. Finally, familiarize yourself with the US Embassy's location, just in case you need their assistance with something.

Choose the Right Seat

Whether short or long, you are picking the suitable seat for your flight can set the tone for your entire business trip. The seat selection primarily depends on your preferences. Are you the type of person who prefers a window or an aisle seat?

If you don't have a preference, there is information online that will point you to the best seat for a particular flight so that you arrive at your meeting rested and relaxed.

Foreign Business Ettiquete

Traveling to a foreign country for business meetings also means adjusting to the local cultural norms. You don't want to risk offending your business partners or potential clients, so do your research before you travel.

Make sure you come off as professional and respectful by being aware of the unspoken customs of the country you visit.

Pre-prepared Meals

Losing track of time and when you last ate is easy when traveling. Lack of regular sustenance can affect your energy and concentration levels, so the best way to combat that is by carrying pre-prepared meals.

The meals you take on your business travels don't need to be abundant; they don't even need to be cooked; they need to sustain you. So, the best way to achieve that is by preparing a sandwich with some fruit on the side.

The Business Lounge

The lounge is available to business class ticket holders, but you can also purchase it as an extra. The business lounge is an excellent place to relax and do some work while traveling.

Most business lounges offer access to showers, spas, nap rooms, and comfortable furniture. You can have a drink at the cocktail bar or have an excellent meal with the extensive food choices.


Adjust your traveling preparations according to your needs. If it's an extended business trip, carry a suit bag for your professional attire, and if you struggle with jet lag, try to get some rest on the plane.

Do everything you can to prepare before your business trip and take advantage of the amenities the airline provides for a smooth business trip.