6 Piping-Hot Luxury Kitchen Trends Causing a Stir in 2021

6 Piping-Hot Luxury Kitchen Trends Causing a Stir in 2021

Spending time in the kitchen has never been more popular than it has in the past year. Now, with the help of high-tech appliances and chef-worthy recipes, even a novice cook can make a marvelous meal. With so many new cooks in the kitchen, it’s no wonder homeowners are looking to transform their cooking spaces into dazzling galleys.

Luckily, the culinary industry and design experts have come together to offer stunning new kitchen trends. Whether it’s a pop of cabinetry color or a functional butler’s pantry, this year’s crop of design trends offers something for every home chef.

Are you looking to upgrade your kitchen space? These six trends will transform any kitchenette into the heart of your home.

Concealed kitchens

Understated cabinetry and camouflaged appliances allow even the smallest kitchen to shine. Minimal furnishings foster a spacious feel while maintaining a sense of elevated style. Hide your cooking space behind sliding doors and set appliances into walls for maximum floor space. For larger kitchen accessories, like the fridge, integrate them behind cabinet doors. Some models, like those from Goedeker’s, offer built-in cabinet doors that match seamlessly with your kitchen design.

Create contrast

Adding pops of color to your kitchen adds energy and brightness to the space, but contrasting color combinations take the trend to a new level. Choose shades on the opposite side of the color wheel to achieve a bold look, like deep indigo and pastel peach. You don’t have to theme your entire kitchen around the vivid hues. Instead, pair a colorful tiled backsplash with a painted open shelving unit. Unique color combinations add an extra wow effect to your cooking space and introduce eclectic charm to your home.

Wood finishes

Wood details are making a comeback in 2021, and for a good reason. Incorporating various wood finishing into your kitchen adds a sense of natural warmth to the space. Elevate the average wood cabinetry with deep walnut paneling, or line one side of an island kitchen with oak. Wood-lined ceilings also add an extra layer of depth, as well as beamed drop ceilings. For a more understated wood finish, consider adding teak wood shelving units to one side of the room.

Go dark

If bright colors are not your style, moody walls and furnishings achieve a similar bold effect. When paired with textured surfaces, black walls add an air of luxury to the average kitchenette. Even deep navies and seductive reds have a place in trendy culinary spaces. When using dark shades, make sure to incorporate contrasting light marble countertops and white ceilings to avoid the feeling of confinement.

Statement lighting

A well-designed kitchen is nothing without complimentary lighting. Place a pair of elegant drop pendants over a kitchen island for a modern moment, or choose brass lantern fixtures to achieve a farm-fresh effect. One of the latest trends in illumination is layered lighting. Mix and match minimal can lights with statement fixtures to ensure every inch of your kitchen gets the light it deserves.

Add a butler’s pantry

Once used by house staff to polish silverware and store large serving dishes, the butler’s pantry is the latest addition to luxury kitchen design. Located just off the main cooking area, the butler’s kitchen is the perfect solution to pantry space shortage. Outfit the stylish space with elegant chandeliers or vibrant patterned wallpaper for added character.

Final thoughts

The kitchen is often called the heart of the home. Whether it’s a gathering space for the whole family or a creative sanctuary for the adventurous home chef, people spend considerable time in their kitchens. With these stylish design trends, your culinary space will be a source of inspiration and style for years to come.