6 Ways to Prepare for a Trip to Europe

6 Ways to Prepare for a Trip to Europe

Europe is a beautiful continent, with so much to see all around. Whichever country you visit, there's a lot to marvel at and immerse yourself in. The culture is rich, the sights are lovely, and the food is excellent. There's undoubtedly a good reason why people all over the world always have European countries on their bucket list. As you head out to Europe, you'll also see the magic it has to offer.

But before you get to enjoy Europe, you have to be well prepared. Don't just jump right into a flight. Give yourself ample time to get ready for this adventure to avoid experiencing any bumps along the way.

Here's how you can start preparing for your European trip:

  1. Learn Latin

If you're going to Europe for an extended period, it isn’t uncommon to encounter Latin from time to time in museums, churches, and other historical monuments or artifacts. After all, Latin has been the basis of many European languages such as Spanish, Italian, and French, as well as English. And while some may argue that Latin is a dead language, it’s actually still very much in use in places like Italy, particularly in the Vatican.

If you’re thinking of going on an artistic or historical tour of Europe, you should consider studying Latin so you can better appreciate its culture. This isn’t difficult, as learning Latin online is now possible. By learning this language, you can enjoy Europe even more and immerse yourself in its art, history, and culture.

  1. Choose The Best Off-Season Dates

Booking tickets for off-season travel is one of the best ways to have a relaxing holiday. Avoid the months of June, July, and August as much as you can. This is when tourists flock to Europe. Yes, the Mona Lisa is teeny tiny, and so is the Sistine Chapel. You wouldn't want to jostle with tourists for the perfect photo or to see the place in all its glory. You’d want to be able to bask in the French Riviera with peace and relaxation. Shopping around the best luxury shops in Paris is better when there’s no queue.

Traveling off-season also allows you to experience Europe with more authenticity. When it's not crowded with tourists, you get to experience more of what it's like to be a local. This helps create a more localized and luxurious experience for you. The last thing you’d want is to have paid thousands for the best spots, only have it ruined by being swallowed up by crowds.

  1. Plan Your Itinerary To Include As Much Train Travel

Getting from one country to another in Europe is quite easy. But before you get too excited about booking all your transfers by air, remember that this can sometimes be more difficult. Airports can get crowded, not to mention there are luggage requirements. If you don't mind the hassle of waiting in airports and going through the trouble of checking in your luggage, then air travel is all good. Keep in mind, though, that domestic travels also don't generally have first class seats so you might have to squeeze yourself through coach.

When traveling across Europe, going by train remains to be one of the best options for the following reasons:

  • It's hassle-free, especially if you're in a big group and you've got heavy luggage with you. This means you don’t have to worry about all the items you’ve accumulated on the shopping sprees you’ve made in each of the European countries you’ve visited.
  • It enables you to see more of Europe's scenery as you travel from one countryside to the next.
  • It allows you to relax more. There are luxury train travels, too, that will enable you to sleep and rest comfortably, even overnight.

While in Europe, you'd want to see as much as you can since this isn't a trip that you can do all the time. Going by train enables you to bask in the glory of Europe even more.

  1. Arrange Your Accommodation As Soon As Tickets Are Booked

The perfect time to arrange all of your accommodations to each country you will visit is when your tickets are booked. Whether it be luxury hotels or apartments, you'll want to book in advance. That way, you're getting the best options for the best price. Accommodations sell out quite fast. When you find one that you’re sure to love, book it right away. There are many luxury hotels and apartments with the best views and experience, but you have to reserve them quickly.

  1. Let Someone Else Drive

Wherever you wish to go, have someone else drive you around. Book your own chauffeur ahead of time so you don’t have to take public transport or squeeze through taxi cabs. For instance, train stations in London can get very crowded, but with your own driver, you’ve got someone waiting for you all the time in every destination that you’ll visit. Just step outside and get ready to be driven in your luxury sedan. You’ve got space to stretch and relax while marveling at the sites of the city in absolute comfort.

  1. Make Friends with Hotel Reception

Receptionists or the concierge are some of the best people you can make friends with when traveling to Europe, or any place for that matter. Other than tipping them regularly and generously, it also pays to really converse with them as they’re often the best insiders around the city. Do you need last-minute tickets to a site that’s already been fully booked? Reservations to a five-star Michelin restaurant that’s full? Show tickets? They can, and most likely will, do everything to get these for you.

Whether this is your first time in Europe or you’re already a seasoned visitor, it still pays to be well prepared. To get the most out of your holiday, you'll want to avoid the common pitfalls that travelers make. That way, you're making your trip to Europe even more memorable. After all, a little preparation goes a long way, and all that's left for you to do is get moving, relax, and do as the Europeans do.