A Luxury Guide to Shopping in Melbourne, Australia

A Luxury Guide to Shopping in Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne is a cultural melting pot in the southeast of Australia. It is renowned for its sporting arenas, luxury hotels, street art, live music, theater and shopping. It also hosts international events such as the Australian Open and Grand Prix. According to the EIU Liveability Ranking, Melbourne was ranked as the most livable city in the world for 7 consecutive years from 2011 to 2017. With so much on offer, it’s no surprise that the Melbourne shopping experience is so popular. You can rent a car in Melbourne and tour some of the best and most luxurious shopping locations to visit.

3 Must Visit Destinations

1. Collins Street (pictured above)
Location: Collins Street - Central Business District
Style: International Luxury Fashion.
Honorable Mentions: Ralph Lauren, Versace & Watches of Switzerland.

Perhaps the most popular luxury shopping district in Melbourne, Collins St is situated within the  bustling and colorful CBD (central business district). Here you will find a vibrant blend of iconic global brands, architecture, cafes, restaurants and hotels. Walking along the street, there are constant reminders of how beautiful the city truly is. The street is filled with elegant heritage buildings, smells of Melbourne’s famous coffee culture and colorful street art. While the sights and smells all heighten your senses, the reason you are here is for the luxury shopping experience and Collins St you are spoiled for choice.

In a few blocks you will have access to international brands such as Hermes, Aesop and Armani. Whether it’s jewellery, watches, handbags, fashion or skincare your every desire to acquire can be fulfilled. Mixed among the international brands are flourishing Australian designers doing their fair share in the fashion space. Be sure to check them out with a coffee in hand in true Melbourne style.

Chadstone Mall

2. Chadstone Mall
Location: Malvern East - Southeastern suburbs
Style: Luxury, Fast Fashion Retailers & Department stores.
Honorable Mentions: Tiffany and Co, Chanel & Dior Homme.

Chadstone is not only the biggest shopping mall in Australia but the entire southern hemisphere. Due to its sheer size, it is not directly located within the CBD, it is however, easily accessible by public transport which will take around 45 minutes. It is certainly worth the visit though as Chadstone boasts over 500 specialty stores within the mall. Over 300 of the stores are fashion related and include over 30 luxurious brands from the likes of Gucci, Burberry and Balenciaga.

Besides simply shopping for the perfect piece, there is also a multitude of dining options to keep your taste buds tingling. Whether it’s a coffee, smoothie, light snack or full restaurant style meal, the options are endless and going hungry is highly unlikely.

If you are wanting a true mall like luxury experience then look no further than Chadstone.

Melbourne Airport

3. Melbourne Airport
Location: Melbourne Airport (T2), Tullamarine
Style: Tax Free Luxury
Honorable Mentions: Watches of Switzerland, Burberry & Emporio Armani.

If you are an international tourist than this option is quite frankly an easy one. For international flights, airlines require you to arrive between 2-3 hours before departure. Melbourne’s Airport has become relatively efficient in the past 10 years leaving travelers with a lot of time up their sleeves. The big advantage of airport shopping is the fact it’s duty free. Goods and Service Tax (GST) in Australia is charged10%, so don’t feel guilty for leaving that final purchase of luxury goods until the last minute as it could save you some substantial money.

Melbourne Airport flaunts some of the global leaders in luxury including Watches of Switzerland who are home to swiss brands:: Rolex, Tudor, Blancpain, Breitling, TAG Heuer and many more. The luxury doesn’t just stop at watches, you will also find fashion as well including Bally, Hugo Boss, Furla  and many more. There is no better way than finishing your holiday in Australia with the perfect luxury piece duty free.

These 3 destinations must be on your Luxury Melbourne Shopping Guide List next time you visit. Whether it be in the beautiful Collins St in the city, Australia’s biggest mall, Chadstone, in the suburbs or at the airport before you leave. There is something for everyone when shopping in Melbourne.

After the shopping spree, it’s nice to relax in a resort. You’ll find great luxury resorts offering wineries, award-winning restaurants, national parks, hiking trails, and kid-friendly attractions right at their doorsteps. Local and foreign tourists can try history-inspired resorts in the country, such as Hahndorf Resort South Australia.