Clothing Psychology: What Do Your Clothes Say About Your Personality

Clothing Psychology: What Do Your Clothes Say About Your Personality

It is human nature to judge each other’s personalities from their outfit. Get to know what others think about yours! 

You cannot deny the fact that clothing describes one’s personality and taste. Have you ever wondered why there are so many varieties, types, textures, colors, and patterns of clothing? Simply because every person has a different taste, and everyone has the right to choose how they look. Clothing is not just a piece of fabric covering our body, but it dictates us as a person too.

If you are wondering what other people think about your personality by your choice of clothing, then you have come to the right place to know. I will briefly explain some personality correlations with types of clothing, both for men and women, here.

10 Pieces of Clothing that Show Off Your Personality

  1. Casual T-shirts

T-shirts are casual, easy-going, and neutral for both women and men. For running daily errands, meeting up with friends, having a casual day out, t-shirts are the safe choice of clothing. And people whose comfort zone is t-shirts are easy to approach and very hands-on in life. They do not worry about their get-up or what other people think about them; instead, they think of living life. Regular t-shirt wearers are the least judgmental about how other people dress.

  1. Suits or Coats

It won’t be wrong to say that wearing suits or coats daily is more than a hassle, except when going to the office. People wearing suits are often complex, sophisticated, and formal in real life. They pay more attention to detailed tailoring of their clothing, therefore putting more effort in dressing up. Also, as in fashion psychology, people wearing formal clothing regularly are found as more confident in life; they don’t feel drawn back from displaying their dressing sense.

  1. Neon Clothing

Neon clothing is the choice of a bold and persuasive person. It takes lots of guts to pull off bright and eye-catching clothing. These kinds of people like to grab attention to themselves and do not fear judgments. Such bright colors speak of the approachable and congenial nature of the person. They are trendsetters and outshine their positivity and comfort level wearing such clothing.

  1. High-End Fabrics

People who are image-conscious and want to demonstrate their social class are more into wearing high-end clothes that come with big price tags. These people always label the price of their clothes to others and want to shine through their outfits. Wearing such high-end clothing sometimes becomes an obsession or a craze for some people. They are unknowingly competing with people in higher status than them.

  1. Loose Clothing

No doubt that loose outfits are comfy and breathable. People who wear loose-fit clothing are often more liberal thinkers, less conservative, and think about comfort more than anything else. Wearing loose clothing is not boring; there are fashionable loose outfits too.

  1. Tight Clothing

As per a school of saying, if you are more into wearing tight-fitting outfits, you are more conservative and tend to overthink. You try to fit into the norms of society and do not look out through your perspective. You somehow fear to explore newness and changes.

  1. Abstract Printed Clothing

You are definitely bold and do not fear to voice your opinion and speak your mind in the crowd if you like to wear abstract printed outfits. It could be any type of clothing, t-shirts, shirts, hoodies, etc. You are a creative soul and an explorer. Boldness is always in fashion!

  1. Black and Gray- All the way!

Wearing black and gray outfits does not mean you are boring! Rather, these colors serve the classy and groomed personality of a person. Although black and gray outfits are safe to play with, it gives out a vibe of well-groomed and mannered personality to other people.

  1. Hoodie

Hoodies are a go-to outfit for most teenagers. It shows, they are more mysterious and want to hide some kind of physical insecurity. On the contrary, if you wear a colorful, printed, or monogrammed shirts type hoodie, it can reveal more of a fun and fearless nature of your personality.

  1. Footwear

Shoes come as a part of clothing; therefore, I thought to include them too. Sneakers are a regular part of the lifestyle for most of us. It simply denotes one has spent less time dressing well, whereas, it’s just the sneakers that amp up the entire outfit. Sneakers denote a young, cheerful, and casual personality and eventually compliments every outfit.


Boots reflect a classy, stylish and powerful personality. One cannot go wrong with boots on their feet. However, unlike sneakers, boots do not get along with all types of clothing. You need to wear a formal or semi-formal outfit to compliment a boot. Women look more empowered and extraordinarily, and more fashionable with boots, whereas men look masculine in them.


Slippers sound easy-going, simple, and comfortable, right? Yes, and the person who prefers slippers for their feet has the exact personality. They are simple, friendly, and less judgmental about others. They do not wish to invest their time and energy into tying the shoelaces; instead, they are more practical and productive in life.

Final Thoughts

After experimenting for years, a person learns what type of clothing most suits their personality. Well, it may sound improper to ‘judge a book by its cover,’ but you cannot deny that ‘the first impression is the last impression’ as well. At the very first meeting, the other person assesses 90% of your personality from your clothing, and it is human psychology. All of us subconsciously know this; that is why we put extra effort in our get-up on our special days, right?