How to Ship a Luxury Car Safely

How to Ship a Luxury Car Safely

If you're moving cross-country, there are different ways to get your car to the destination. For instance, those who enjoy road trips can always drive vehicles to their new homes. They can even load their vehicles down with belongings if they wish. That might save them some money with the moving company, as these companies typically charge by load size or weight.

However, in some cases, it might be a better idea to hire professional car shipping services. By having your car shipped, you can travel in style and comfort and leave your vehicle in the capable hands of a car shipping company. Having your luxury car shipped is a good way to keep the car in pristine condition and protect it from unnecessary wear and tear. In other cases, like in shipping a car to Hawaii, professional car shipping becomes a necessity as well.

If you’re planning to have your luxury car transported soon, below are some tips you might find useful.

Do Your Research About Car Shipping Companies

There are numerous professional car shipping companies on the market today. Many are legitimate businesses, while a few are scams or offer unreliable services. Hence, if you decide to ship your luxury vehicle, take the time to do some thorough research. Visit the Better Business Bureau's website to view customer complaint data for shippers.

You can also perform a Google search to look for testimonials and reviews about shippers. These resources can provide useful information on aspects such as a company’s claims process and customer service. You may also need to check if the company is offering the different car transportation services that you need.

Then again, if you'd rather keep things to your inner circle and know someone who recently relocated you can always ask them about their car shipping company experience. That'll give you the inside scoop on a place from a source that you trust.

Learn About Your Auto Transport Options

As you’re doing research on car transport companies and their services, you’ll probably run into things like closed transport and open transport. These are transport options you can choose for your vehicle. If you have a luxury car, you’re better off with closed transport, as this will provide more protection against the elements.

Usually, as far as vehicle shipping to Hawaii is concerned, most operations do that by boat. Cars are typically put inside shipping containers to protect them from elements like the salty ocean air and water. Some owners shoulder the entire expense and get private boxes. This provides utmost safety to the vehicle.

Of course, there are some risks involved with the process. Your vehicle could get damaged in during the loading or unloading process. If an issue such as that arises, your vehicle could get dented on the front or rear fenders, hood, or roof.

So, while you do your research, make it a point to check shipping companies’ insurance and licensing information. You'll be happy that you did if things go south and you have to file a claim.

Shipping by Plane

Companies that transport vehicles by plane are far and few between. That is because it is extremely expensive to move cars in such a manner. Hence, unless a person is shipping a luxury auto, the price tag for this service sometimes isn't worth it. But in this situation, you are transporting a luxury vehicle. So, if you are all about getting your car to its destination safely, search for companies that provide auto transport by air.

It is costly, but the service can also be worthwhile. So, take the time to find a company that provides auto transport by air service. Then, you can rest easy knowing that you did everything in your power to protect your luxury vehicle when getting it moved.

Find Out About Transport Times and Delivery Windows

Various factors can play roles in determining how long it takes to get a car transported from one place to another such as car shipping from California. A major factor, of course, is the distance between the origin and the destination. According to research, for instance, it normally takes between 10 and 12 days to ship a vehicle by boat from Los Angeles to Hawaii. So, keep that in mind because you'll need to ship your ride in advance if you want it available to drive when you arrive.

Empty Your Car

It can be tempting to fill your car with stuff and have it moved to its destination full to the brim. Although that sounds like a plan, and it could make your life easier, it is best not to leave personal belongings inside your vehicle if you plan to have it shipped. Certain things will be allowed to stay in the car, but they'll vary from one company to another. Therefore, ask the shipping company what you can put in the cab and trunk.

Knowing what can remain in the car and removing things that can't will prevent shipping delays. Additionally, your car might not become a thief's target and get broken into if it doesn't have valuables inside.

Also, you should remove belongings from your car to keep them safe. There's always the chance that your things could get broken or damaged during the transport.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you now understand what it takes to get your luxury car shipped. If price is not a hindrance, have your luxury vehicle shipped by air for utmost safety and shorter delivery times. Get connected with one of the top shippers in the industry and let them move your vehicle safely.