How To Travel to Colombia Safely in 2021

How To Travel to Colombia Safely in 2021

With panoramic landscapes that are as diverse as they are splendid, Colombia is one of the most magnificent tourist destinations, and it's no surprise that this country is right towards the top "places to visit" in the bucket list of most.

Do you find the tropical, humid beaches of the Colombian coast a bit too much? Well, how about heading to the cooler, mountainous environs of Bogota and Medellin. Or perhaps harmonizing in the relentless rainy weather of Popayan would fit your taste more.

No matter your preferences, Colombia has definitely something to offer that'll absolutely knock your socks off!

But is it safe to travel to this South American transcendency in such trying times? Let's get into it!

Check With Your State Department For Travel Advisory

Before making any travel plans to Colombia, check the travel advisory and guidelines issued by your local authorities on the subject.

You can easily look it up online or send an email regarding the same to your local tourism department. They're likely to have useful information concerning your safety and security, weighing in on parameters like your ethnic background, itinerary, and health conditions.

Checking with your state department for travel advisory will also keep you up to date on the time-sensitive guidelines and requirements for upcoming weeks. What's more, they may also inform you on areas to avoid, common local scams to be wary of, and the standard procedures or protocols to follow when in the country.

According to Natvisa, Colombia has tightened their entry protocol. However, travel to Colombia is still allowed.

Feel free to communicate with your local authorities requesting help in coming up with a safe travel plan and information on tourist-friendly places to visit in Colombia.

Furthermore, be warned that there have been more than 2.93 million confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the country and more than 76,000 people have died, as per the government figures.

Therefore, we recommend that you strictly exercise social-distancing norms and upkeep personal hygiene and security to the fullest.

Look For Airlines That Have Good Covid Policies

Granted that there will never be any airlines that are perfect when it comes to classifying the hygiene and health policies regarding the coronavirus pandemic, however, some do perform better than others.

While traveling to Colombia, look for an airline that can produce a certification of following on-air safety and health measures pertaining to COVID-19, the issuer of which has obeyed professional and scientific standards.

Alongside a certificate, make certain that the three most important cornerstones of combating COVID — face masks, hand hygiene, and social distancing are thoroughly supervised and encouraged by the airline staff. These actions continue to be the most reliable tools in dealing with the outbreak, and travelers should not opt for an airline that doesn't pay attention to the aforementioned.

On top of that, the airport setting and surroundings should be COVID-safe. Meaning there should be high visibility notices of instructions, implementation of proper social distancing via seat marking, sanitizer utility dispensers, and the provision to get masks.

Lastly, while boarding or deplaning, the staff should encourage the passengers to follow standard procedures, avoid the usual scramble or rushing, and minimize physical contact.

Call Hotel in Advance To Check Their Safety Measures

Aside from airlines, enquire about the hotel in which you intend to stay on your visit to Colombia about their COVID policies as well.

The hotel must ensure your safety and arrange for a well-disinfected zone for its guests and employees.

Some points to make inquiries and request information from the hotels could be:

Their Level of Hygiene or Cleanliness

Find out if the public spaces in the hotel such as the front desk, lobby, escalators, elevators, hallways, and bathrooms, are frequently disinfected or cleaned. These are high-contact points that must be free of the virus.

Availability of Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

A safe hotel will have disinfection kits stationed in its public zones, particularly in every entrance and in front of the elevators. This facilitates the hotel's guests to sanitize on the go.

Shielding Checks

Seek the information regarding whether the hotel's staff is required to wear face masks/shields and depending on the situation, insulating plastic gloves to warrant the safeguarding of its guests and employees.

Adequate Air Circulation

Well-ventilated areas prevent the accumulation of the coronavirus strain, minimizing an outbreak. Check if the hotel you're planning to book has its public spaces, guest rooms, restaurants, and all the personal rooms amply vented.

Contact Infection Minimization Measures

Pry into hotel policies regarding the distribution or exchange of physical entities such as room keys, servings, guest amenities, etc. They must be meticulously disinfected before being handed over.

Have Your Medications and Keep Healthy

With the small but persistently increasing ubiquity of the new "double mutant" COVID variant in Colombia, having your immune system optimal is extremely important prior to your travels.

Make sure you have all your medications in order an filled. This will avoid any scares while being in a different country.

Getting a prescription filled in a foreign country can be a hassle and it is advised to avoid that at all costs.

Contact your doctor before traveling to Colombia to make sure you are both on the same page.