Ideas to Make Your Bathroom Luxuriously Spa-like

Ideas to Make Your Bathroom Luxuriously Spa-like

After a spa trip, you always feel revitalized, pampered, and calm, don’t you? You can get the same feeling at home after a long tiring day. All you need to do is turn your ordinary, regular bathroom into a spa-like bathroom.

Wondering if it will be a difficult thing to do? No, not at all. You can easily achieve that level of relaxation even in your small bathroom by following the below ideas.

1.  Install a New Showerhead

Adding a stylish showerhead to replace your basic one for a relaxing shower experience is important. Consider features like handheld components, massaging spray patterns, or a rain showerhead. If you’re left with some money, upgrade some bathroom fixtures to high-quality models.

2.  Make Shelving Work for You

If your bathroom is small, shelving can do magic for you. Install a couple of layers of open shelving on your walls, place a few baskets for towels, put some fancy soaps and a couple of decorative accents, and you're done! Instant spa vacation.

Choose modern walnut floating shelves to create a sleek and stylish look. Or, pick a cherry wood and white combination for a bright and airy feel. The possibilities are endless!

3.  Choose Natural Woods

Nothing can beat natural woods in creating a feeling of warmth and serenity, and calm by dampening the sound.

Use high-quality, moisture-proof wood and be relieved about humidity and steam damaging your space. You may consider using teak, Hiroaki, and cedar woods.

4.  Add Fascinating Artworks

Adding some fascinating artwork will change the overall vibe of your bathroom. A large print or gallery wall will give your decor a dimensional layer of mystery while making it look full and more welcoming.

5.  Incorporate Gold Accents

If you want to get a luxurious spa-like vibe from your bathroom, adding gold accents to every possible spot is the wisest decision you can take. Choosing a golden color for cabinet handles, mirror frame, soap dispenser, and towel rack will make your bathroom look sophisticated and luxurious.

6.  Say Yes to Scented Candles

When it comes to establishing a spa-like peaceful ambiance in the bathroom, don't underestimate the power of lighting! Scented Candles will instantly lift your spirits and help you relax after a long day.

7.  Place Some Plants

Most spas have an earthy, natural feel to them. And adding some plants near a window or having a spider plant or a Boston fern can elevate the mood of your space.

8.  Buy Some Fancy Towels

Buying at least one pair of nice-looking towels can significantly upgrade your space, ensuring they look worldly rather than messy.

If you have a small bathroom, your towels are almost always visible, turning them into built-in decor that you may not be looking for. Place some nice-looking towels in your bathroom to instantly improve its look.

9.  Add a Light Dimmer

Adding dim lights can make the environment feel more peaceful if you don't have any scented candles or want a scent-free bathroom. You can lower the wattage of your ordinary light bulbs or install a dimmer to alter the illumination as needed.

10. Warm-up Floor with Rugs

Bathroom carpets are becoming very trendy with unexpected but stunning styles. Rugs provide a layer of refined richness to a design and keep your bare feet comfy. To add a new level of luxury, use a kilim rug instead of a regular bath mat.

11. Upgrade Your Toiletries

Extra elements like pleasant bath products that go well with your color scheme, can complete the spa look. Pour shampoo, conditioner, and hand soap into attractive bottles. Keep cotton rounds, sponges, and other little objects in clear glass jars. To make your vanity space feel luxurious, place toiletries on a tray near the sink to make your vanity space feel luxurious.

12. Add Flowing Curtain

Add a light, sheer curtain to the window to create a sensation of smooth movement and flow in your bathroom. Is your bathroom without a window? To create the same effect, you can use a more light and airy curtain instead of a regular shower curtain.

13. Declutter Your Bathroom

You won't be able to relax if your countertops and bathroom cabinets are cluttered. Discard all the things that have expired or gone unused for a long time to declutter your room.

Keep the products that you don’t use daily inside drawers, cabinets, or baskets as you refill. Use open storage and counter space for the few daily necessities only.

14.  Always Keep Your Bathroom Clean

Have you ever seen a spa that isn’t clean and seems very dirty? Never, right? Keeping your bathroom and tub clean all the time is very important for your relaxation session. The more clean bathroom will be, the more you will get a vibe that you get and enjoy in spas.

Bonus Tips

  1. Bring a Bathtub Caddy that matches your taste.
  2. Use neutral tones like shades of beige, greys, or soft creams to decorate your bathroom. It will help you to feel clean and calm.
  3. Pour Shampoo, soaps, and lotions into their own set of dispensers.
  4. For a spa-like experience, you can use a full aromatherapy diffuser.
  5. Place a speaker in your bathroom to enjoy some sounds of nature while you are relaxing.
  6. Hideaway toiletries if you don’t upgrade them.