What Food Items Can You Include in Your Gift Hamper in Sydney

What Food Items Can You Include in Your Gift Hamper in Sydney

There are multiple reasons to give someone a hamper—after all, they qualify as the perfect gift for just about any occasion. But what makes a good hamper for your loved one? If you are considering giving someone a hamper, you might as well check out some of the standard items included in them. So when you are sourcing a hamper, you know exactly what you are expected to purchase—and you can also make modifications according to your preference. Plus, if you want to bring out your creative side, you have the option to create your hamper. Let’s look at the list we have accumulated to help you get started with the perfect hamper for your near and dear ones.

Food Hampers

Let’s begin by defining a traditional food hamper. As the name suggests, food hampers consist of a basket with a variety of food and drink items to give as a present. They are suitable for anyone and everyone, whatever the occasion. They are a great way to celebrate weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, even just Sunday picnics by the beach. Moreover, you have the liberty to hand-pick the items that will go in your food hamper.

Traditional Food Hampers

Some of the items that are traditionally included in a food hamper include sweets and treats, chocolates, cheese and crackers, cookies, nuts, wine, champagne, homemade bread, pies, spices, pastry, ham, sausages, sandwiches, condiments, etc.

The list does not have to be limited to this—there are many more food items that you can add to your food hamper like baked goodies, jams, pickles, and so on. Whatever tickles your taste buds, you are welcome to add to your hamper. Having said that, most people like to stick to traditional hampers with dry food items so you don’t have to worry about the food going bad. If you are putting together a food hamper, you can consider some of the items below.

Cheese and Crackers

Who doesn’t love a cheese board with an assortment of cheese and crackers that go together perfectly? It is a tasty savory snack, enjoyed mostly with a nice bottle of wine—any foodie’s snack dream! You can add in a collection of assorted cheese from renowned places to make it extra special or find them near you by searching for gift hampers in Sydney. Either way, we can vouch that the recipient will love it. Because in Australia, you just don’t say no to cheese and wine! You can spice it up with additional condiments such as jams, pickles, dips, crisps, or even fruit. A warm food hampers almost always have a selection of cheese including Brie, cheddar, blue cheese, feta, ricotta, etc. Now pair it with a nice bottle of wine, bubbles or champagne, and voilà! This is what happiness is made of in Australia.

Baked Goodies

Because there’s something special about homemade food. This is very common in Sydney, where people just gather around by the beaches and sit with a basket filled with homemade food. Some of these items include pies, tarts, cakes, cookies, and so on. Honestly, who even needs an occasion to enjoy a delicious meal that smells of love and warmth?

Many stores also have baked treats hampers available for spot purchase that offer delicious items. They can be shared around in an office or just amongst friends and family. Some people love to pair baked goodies with world-class coffee beans too. And don’t forget the culture of banana bread and muffins with extra butter!


Chocolate hampers are guilty pleasures. We just cannot keep our hands off chocolates—especially if they are gifted to you. Many stores have ready-made chocolate hampers that you can just grab on the go. There are also some boutiques in David Jones that make the most gorgeous chocolate hampers with the world’s finest handmade chocolates. Most of these hampers usually have items other than chocolates. They include truffles, cookies and beverages too. They are an ideal gift for every age group and every occasion.

Luxury foods

The fun of a good old hamper is that they can include all sorts of gourmet items you usually don’t get to indulge in on regular days. For special occasions, you can add in special and expensive treats like award-winning cheese or luxury marmalades, jams, and pickles. Some organic stores offer specialized items that are sugar- or lactose-free for people who have certain conditions. So if you want to give a food hamper to someone who is diabetic or lactose intolerant, you can customize food items according to their requirements. Pair it up with a nice beverage or a bottle of wine to complete it.


Yes, fruits make an awesome food hamper. A classic food hampers with fruit is a wonderful way to express your love for someone. If you have a friend or a family member who is health-conscious or just loves fresh fruits, a fruit hamper is surely going to put a smile on their face. Other than regular seasonal fruits, you can add all sorts of exotic fruits like kiwi, passion fruit, peaches, or mango. To up your game, you can add in a fruit tart as well.

Special Occasions Mean Special Hampers

For special days and celebrations, putting together a bespoke hamper can show your love for someone. During those times, it becomes mandatory to know what to put in a gift hamper for a real stand-out present. Keep reading for more ideas.

Celebratory Hampers

Hampers resemble celebrations and festivities. You don’t have to hold yourself back if you want to go all out to celebrate a big day. You can take the liberty to add extra fun and flair to traditional hampers. If it’s a birthday celebration, you can choose a theme and pick items accordingly. Decorate it with party poppers, balloons, or flowers. Food items in a celebratory hamper usually consist of cakes, beers, or delicious treats with fancy glasses and cutleries.

Personalized Messages

As mentioned above, you can stick to a theme for color coordination. You can select items based on your theme. Even the basket or hamper can be customized to your needs. Many gift stores will happily cater to your requirements and bring you something that will suit your occasion perfectly. You can make your card or buy a gift card to write your message in. Some special gift stores have the option to carve your message on a wooden board that your loved one can keep forever—which is far better than a gift card any day!


What’s a celebration without a bottle of champagne? So why not add in the excitement of champagne or an expensive bottle of wine to double the happiness? Many exotic wineries offer some of the world’s best wine experiences that you can source for your celebrations. You can decorate it with a bow to accentuate your presentation. Don’t forget to take glasses for when you pop the bottle open and enjoy your bubbles. They make it a wonderful present for most occasions, be it weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, or work achievements.

Sneak in a Gift

If you are still not satisfied, why not add in a real gift of your choice in the hamper itself? Sneak in a ring, a piece of jewelry, a watch, or any other gift that you feel would surprise your loved one. It will add more value to your gift hamper for sure.

Stick to Your Budget

You also have to think about your budget. Honestly, you can easily end up spending $200 to $300 on a food hamper. But you might think about how much you should spend.

Final thoughts

Sending your favorite person a food basket is not an easy task, especially if you are creating it on your own. Deciding on the contents beforehand makes the process slightly easier. For example, if you are giving a food hamper to a friend who is lactose intolerant, you have to think about all the goodies you buy separately. Make sure there are no milk-based products in them. Or if you are giving to someone who is diabetic, ensure that all the items in there are sugar-free.

Sometimes when it comes to a food hamper, less is more! Rather focus on items that are truly going to be appreciated by the recipient instead of just stacking up smaller items. Whatever you choose, it will surely make an exceptional presentation and a demonstration of your esteem.