Get Cozy with a Sherpa Blanket

Get Cozy with a Sherpa Blanket

If it’s cold outside, there’s nothing more enticing than grabbing a warm blanket, curling up on your couch with a good book, and simply escaping the world for a little while.

However, not all blankets are great for this occasion. Some blankets are much too thin to keep you sufficiently warm, whereas others can feel far too suffocating. That’s where Sherpa material comes in.

First introduced in the 1980s, the Sherpa fleece blanket has remained a go-to product for when the cold weather makes an unwanted appearance. But what exactly is a Sherpa Blanket?

Read on to discover more about this cozy material and why it works so well as a blanket.

The Uses Of Sherpa Fleece

Sherpa is a synthetic fleece fabric that has been designed to imitate the appearance and feel of sheep’s wool. Typically made using acrylic or polyester fibers, Sherpa has two distinct sides; a fleece and a smooth suede-like side.

Sherpa fleece is lightweight, warm, and fluffy. As great as these properties may sound for cold-weather days, this type of fleece cannot be used by itself. It works effectively when utilized as a lining.

Like other artificial fibers, a layer of Sherpa cannot completely prevent the cold air unless it is strengthened by an additional fabric. For example, an extra, thicker layer of fabric such as flannel or denim will prevent wind from blowing into the material. This will keep the warm air inside and will ensure that you aren’t exposed to the cold.

When it is paired with suede, Sherpa can create a type of insulated barrier that actively works to prevent cold air from reaching you.

The Basics Of A Sherpa Blanket

A Sherpa blanket is an extremely comfortable chunk of fabric that is usually made from quality Sherpa fleece.

The Sherpa blanket is made using synthetic fibers which means it will have one side with lots of texture (like sheep’s wool) and a soft, smooth leather type appearance on the opposite side.

It is much more breathable than other variations of fleece and is also a much easier material to maintain in comparison to wool. Essentially, a Sherpa blanket is a practical and modernized alternative to more traditional, warmer fabrics.

Caring For A Sherpa Blanket

Not only do Sherpa blankets keep you warm, but they are also easy to maintain and care for. And if you’re wondering how to wash a Sherpa blanket - we’ve got you covered!

Not only is it a quick-drying fabric, but it’s also pretty straightforward to wash. As a result of this, it is completely machine washable. However, you can wash the blankets by hand in cold water. You may find the washing machine a much more efficient way of cleaning.

Allowing your Sherpa blanket to air dry will also work to ensure its longevity!

Benefits Of A Sherpa Blanket


Though it is made using synthetic fabrics, a Sherpa blanket does feature one of the most vital characteristics of natural fibers, which is generally unheard of. This means that the material can get rid of excess moisture - which increases the overall breathability of the material.

Thanks to this property, Sherpa fabric has the ability to remove any sweat from your body, which keeps you comfortable and dry as you use it. This is an excellent quality if you are cuddled on your couch under your Sherpa blanket but are beginning to feel a little too hot.


A Sherpa blanket has two sides. One side is fluffy while the other is smooth and flat - meaning that warm air is kept in close contact with your body. This helps to keep you toasty warm during the cold weather at any time of year.


It won’t blow a hole through your wallet! Sherpa fabric can be relatively cost effective compared to other fabrics, especially natural fiber materials. This means Sherpa blankets can be much cheaper than other types, making it an exceptional budget alternative to a wool blanket.

Animal Friendly

Though Sherpa fleece can contain cotton, it doesn’t contain any animal-based products. This is thanks to its reliance on synthetic fibers.


A great thing about the Sherpa blanket revolves around its lightweight nature. The use of Sherpa fleece for the blankets means that people of all ages can use it without issue.

It is lightweight thanks to the way that the blanket is manufactured. With a 100% synthetic certification, its artificial fibers are extremely light. If you compare that fact to other fibers that are generally found in wool blankets, it really isn’t hard to pinpoint where a difference in weight begins.


Sherpa blankets are a great, cost-effective alternative to heavy blankets. They are comfortable, long-lasting, and soft to the touch. Investing in this type of blanket will provide you with stress-free winter time warmth for a long time.