7 Wonderful Travel Destinations for Seeing Flowers

7 Wonderful Travel Destinations for Seeing Flowers

Flowers are one of nature's biggest marvels. Not only are they incredibly beautiful, colorful, and smell incredible, but since most plants and trees flower once a year, seeing blooming florals is a rare sight. Many small towns and rarely-visited countrysides’ have used flower tourism to bring more vacationers to unlikely destinations, including the following fields, gardens, and parks.

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The 7 Most Incredible Floral Spectacles in the World

1. Furano, Japan: Lavender 

The mild summers in Japan’s Hokkaido Prefecture makes it one of the best places to grow lavender. In the most Northern part of Japan, Farm Tomita plants a field full of the sleepy flower, but they also grow red and orange poppies, baby’s breath, and catchflies. July is the best month to see lavender, including the Okamurazaki, a Japanese variation of the purple bloom.

2. Cape Floral Kingdom, South Africa: Wildflowers

The Cape Floral Kingdom of South Africa spans 18 biodiversity hotspots, each of which has flowers that are commonly found throughout the African landscape. 30% of the plants in this region of South Africa are completely unique to the area, including the protea. It takes a full 2 days to see the entire kingdom, so start in Cape Town in June and work your way North.

3. Arizona Sonora Desert, United States: Cactus

The Arizonian desert is an unlikely place to see flowers, but they’re aplenty during the Spring and Summer. The cactus, brittlebush, and Mexican gold poppy fields will bloom once in April and again in August. After the monsoon rains in late summer, you’ll see multiple flowers unique to the area, including the chuparosa, desert marigold, scorpionweed, and the teddy bear cholla.

4. Keukenhof, Netherlands: Tulips

The Netherlands is famous for its flowering tulip gardens, but the Keukenhof is the most beautiful of all. With over 32 hectares of flowers (79 acres), there is never a dull moment at the park. The tulips are at their best in mid-April, but you can see many other flowers bloom well into July. If you want to see the tulip mosaic of Van Gogh’s face, go to the park in May.

5. Chiang Mai, Thailand: Chrysanthemums

The annual Chiang Mai flower festival honors both the beauty of women and flowers. Alongside the marvelous hand-crafted floats lies a garden and marketplace full of blooming florals, including local favorites like ban chuns, globe amaranths, marigolds, and chrysanthemum. The Ton Lamyai flower market near Ping River stays open throughout the festival.

6. Marrakesh, Morocco: Roses

54 public gardens can be found in Marrakesh, Morocco. The desert city sports the Valley of Roses, which can be accessed by bus or car from the capital city. Once there, hikers can watch the rosebuds while browsing the local shops for potpourri, essential oils, and rosewater. During the month of May, the Festival of Roses takes place, where locals can pick and sell roses.

7. Calgary, Canada: Blooms in Abundance

Calgary is a destination that embraces the beauty of flowers. Calgary flowers bloom in abundance, adding a touch of enchantment to this vibrant city in Canada. The city boasts numerous flower gardens and parks where visitors can immerse themselves in a colorful display of nature's bounty. From the famous Devonian Gardens, a lush indoor oasis in the heart of downtown, to the Reader Rock Garden, a historic urban garden with a delightful collection of flowers and plants, Calgary offers a variety of floral attractions for nature enthusiasts and travelers alike. Additionally, local flower shops in Calgary provide a wide range of floral arrangements, from elegant bouquets to elaborate floral designs, catering to various occasions and celebrations. Whether you're visiting Calgary or reside in the city, exploring its floral treasures and experiencing the charm of Calgary flowers can be a memorable and uplifting experience.