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Nezasa is an online travel agency for Asian travel which combines all the services and comforts of a traditional travel agency with the price levels and simplicity of an online portal.

It is a one-stop shop for fully customizable itineraries where you can book everything (such as hotels, transfers, excursions and more) all in one place.

Starting from suggested routes put together by destination experts, customers can easily adjust their itineraries based on their personal preferences, adjusting factors including hotels, activities or how long they want to stay in one location. Once ready, you book the complete itinerary in one place.

Want to roam through the jungle? Visit cultural and historic locations? Or just bury your feet in the sand on the beach? Make it so.

Want a different hotel? Choose it. Want another activity? Pick it. Want to stay a bit longer? Do it. Customize your very own itinerary the way you want it!

And finally, you book the whole trip with just one click. After that, you have to do only one thing: set off on the journey of your lifetime.


With Nezasa, you have the opportunity to:

• Determine the length of stay in each place you visit
• Choose exclusive activities and excursions
• Stay in the hotel of your choice – be that boutique, five-star or other
• Customize the trip to fit your budget

In the end, you get a fully customized trip tailor-made just for you.


Nezasa makes your life easier by providing:

• Smooth and interactive planning at the destination
• A comprehensive overview of all information in one place
• All-in-one booking – you can book and pay with a single click
• Advice & support

Enjoy being inspired and enlightened instead of wasting countless hours on tedious planning!


All of Nezasa's trips are organized and hosted by local experts who know their country like the back of their hand. This ensures hassle-free travels with hand-picked transfers, activities and hotels.

The local tour operators will also be personally in charge of your trip and ensure you feel safe and secure during the entire journey. With services available 24/7, solutions will always be available to any challenges along the way.

And because Nezasa works directly with local tour operators, you know you will get the best value and quality for your money.


At Nezasa, quality comes before quantity -- local operators are meticulously chosen based on extensive research, reliability and quality. Most of the local operators are winners of prestigious travel awards and are leading travel experts in their area.

Your financial and personal safety is the top priority. Nezasa guarantees a secure payment processing by working with top-quality providers and certifications.

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