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Autobahn Adventures offers Porsche driving tours of Europe, each visiting amazing countries such as Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and France.

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Autobahn Adventures is not just about the high performance German sports cars, the exquisite hotels and spas, the gourmet dining or the breathtaking European cities and countryside. It's a series of unforgettable experiences in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy. Autobahn Adventures is so much more than a Porsche Luxury European Driving Tour. From the high performance German sports cars, the scenically breathtaking roads, the luxurious hotels and spas, the gourmet dining experience, the vast array of historical and modern attractions to the like minded guests who will become lifelong friends. Autobahn Adventures is truly the Experience of a lifetime!

Joining one of the all-inclusive tours affords you the pleasure of driving the all-new Porsche 911 Carrera. The fun starts the moment you arrive. All the Porsches are in a row, it's exciting to see them together! You will be handed the keys to one of these fine German Engineered automobiles. It maybe the Carrera Coupe, the Cabriolet or even the more powerful Carrera S. The car is refined and comfortable and has more luggage space than ever before; it's a true Gran Turismo. Our tours are designed with flexibility in mind. The entire route is pre-programmed into the navigation system of the car, which allows you the freedom to go at your own pace and not have to worry about waiting on anyone. For some the experience is all about the journey. And that means driving on the most scenically breathtaking and legendary roads in all of Europe, like the Autobahn. On the Autobahn, you are free to drive your Porsche the way it was built to be driven... Fast. And there is no better road to test the limits of this car on than this one...or is there? ... What could possibly tempt you to get off the Autobahn? Well... The Panoramic views and the hairpin turns of the mountain roads... that's what. On these roads well let's just say the view out of your 911... is going to be a little twisty. But what about the Hotels? Well for many that is the experience they come for. Every hotel on your adventure has been hand-selected and previewed by your hosts at Autobahn Adventures. Only a select few hotels will pass the test and each one of them has a unique character. The exclusive locations of these hotels mean that every stop on your journey will be a memorable one. You will know you are someplace special from the moment you arrive. What really makes them spectacular is the level of personalized service they provide. These hotels vary in character, from modern and warm with rich textures to the comfortable intimate setting of a true old world gem. Set in locations that you've probably only every dreamed about. From check-in to departure Autobahn Adventures provides a uniquely European experience for their guests. Spacious rooms, personalized touches, convenience and luxury are what set these hotels apart and give them their multi star ratings. The quaint charm of a Bavarian village, the serene beauty of a clear Swiss lake, or the breathtaking alpine scenery of Northern Italy is just outside your window. Every stop will be an extraordinary romantic setting for you and your partner to enjoy. European hotels are known for their Spas. Unwind with a massage or immerse yourself in an infinity pool with a view that will take your breath away. This is complete relaxation. These hotels offer something for everyone. The finest accommodations in Europe are waiting for you. They are just another part of what make Autobahn Adventures an experience like no other. Autobahn Adventures invites its guests to dine together. The food, the wine and the atmosphere are exactly what you would expect from a night of fine dining, but what truly make the evening an experience is listening and sharing all the stories of the day's adventures with the other guests. The dining experience at Autobahn Adventures is truly first class. Exquisite cuisine, fine wines and world famous German beer are all just part of what is included with this tour. While luxurious table settings and presentation will set the mood for a romantic night of fun and festivity. Sample creations from some of Europe's top gourmet chefs while getting to know your fellow guests in a relaxing and casual atmosphere. You may even create friendships you'll savor almost as much as the cuisine. With its storied history and endless scenery there's always something waiting to be discovered in Europe. Come join Autobahn Adventures and Experience The Attractions. Caravan with the group one day or wake up and decide to explore on your own. That's the wonderful thing about Autobahn Adventures. Your trip has been planned to allow you to visit the attractions of your choice, whether it's a castle, a cathedral or a quaint European village Autobahn Adventures experiences are designed with flexibility in mind. It's your car, your itinerary and your experience. Enjoy culture, history, museums, shopping, playing and eating. They have even arranged an exclusive tour for car lovers that can't be missed. A behind the scenes tour of the Porsche Factory and Museum in Stuttgart. Porsche fans, you want to be here. Autobahn Adventures' Luxury European Driving Tour allows you and your fellow guest to share in some of the more spectacular sights and sounds of Europe. Come along and Experience the Attractions. The guests you share your Autobahn Adventure Experience with are just like you, like minded travel and auto enthusiasts. And they like to have a lot of fun. Autobahn Adventures uses an independent review company to contact our past guests for their feedback about the tour. Read guest reviews. View Autobahn Adventures blog. So what are you waiting for, don't let another year pass you by. Have your own Autobahn Adventure Experience. It's truly the trip of a lifetime.

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